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:: Friday, November 12, 2004 ::
Busy week, but I finally got home at a normal time!

And now I'm off to meet a bunch of friends at a surprise party.

Work is starting to level out at only 10-hours per day, which is a nice change. And generally less stressful.

I guess one can only take so much stress before it becomes the norm.

However, I did manage to have dinner with Jess this week, which was great! And this weekend I'm going to see Edge Of Reason, the new Bridget Jones flick. Should be a good weekend. Maybe at some stage I'll even find time to clean my apartment and do laundry! How exciting!

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:: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 ::
Had super-yummy dinner with Jess at HoSu, a Japanese/Korean place at Yonge and Eg. I had such a craving for a dragon roll. And spicy scallop maki.

We met in Indigo so I got to take a peek at the latest Cosmo. It's such a bad, bad magazine. Guilty pleasure.

And now off to bed...

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:: Monday, November 08, 2004 ::
Supposed to be reading my booooorrrrrring textbook and studying. But I thought I'd take a PRE-study break to report that we had our first snowflakes of the year in Toronto today.

Of course, I didn't see them. But I was assured that they were out there. I wasn't too skeptical, since I did have to walk home through the brutal cold.

Had a meeting with someone today who's off to Paris next week. She said "I don't really like hot weather." HUH? What else IS there??

The good side to the cold weather is that it made me jog home (in my inappropriate work attire) so that I got home faster so that I could check my email and write my blog in time to start studying by the time I would have gotten home otherwise.

Good excuse.
Honestly, I don't know another person who's as good at procrastinating as I am. I'm stellar. A true professional. I think I should teach a course.

Raye told me today about her Myers-Briggs testing that she did this summer (MB is a personality type indicator). An INTJ commonly becomes unglued when the outside world seems overwhelming and anticipates the worst. These feelings are often dealt with by overdoing sensual pleasures such as overeating.

Hm. Good thing I don't do THAT.
~hides Reece PB cup pkg behind back~

Raye also notes that there are suggestions on how to return to "equilibrium":
  • time alone to recharge
  • lightening of usual schedule
  • avoidance of advice-giving individuals

    • Exam is tomorrow, so time is scarce. However, I AM alone right now. Will use this as an excuse to make my roommates go away later.
    • As "usual schedule" includes working late, and I'm already here working at home, the only way to "lighten" is to turn on more lamps. Or perhaps candles as I lie in the bath pretending I can read through my closed eyelids.
    • Do not talk to my mom. (Mom, I'm just kidding.)

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    :: Sunday, November 07, 2004 ::
    Yesterday I fell asleep in the Second Cup, reading my Online Strategy textbook. It's THAT good.

    I'd even just had a latte. I thought coffee was supposed to keep you awake. Well, not me, apparently. I sat down on the comfy couch and, 2 dreadfully boring paragraphs later, my eyes were rolling back into my head, my chin resting on my chest.

    Too cool.

    Once I woke up, I figured I wasn't getting a lot of studying done for my exam on Tuesday, so I might as well get up and do something. So I wandered up to Chinatown and did some shopping. Avocado and asian pears. MMMmmm.

    And I talked myself out of buying some ridiculously cheap shoes and did some gourmet shoppinig in Kensington Market. A french stick and some nice cheeses to take with me to Sarah's for dinner.

    Sarah made mussels and had edamame. We marvelled that edamame is actually good for you. I mean, how many yummy things are actually good for you?

    Sharon brought veggies and yummy dip.
    We drank wine and talked about all our stupid work lives.
    And watched Weezer videos.

    And then it was time to go. So Sharon and I walked and chatted all the way to the Yonge and Bloor subway station (maybe a 1/2-hour walk?). What a beautiful night - perfect autumn weather.

    And today I continue with my sad efforts to study.
    Needless to say, I wandered around Zellers for a couple of hours and called Jen.

    Ya, I'm a pretty good procrastinator.

    And now I'd say it's about time for dinner. So I don't need to crack the books just yet...

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