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Jen is my sister. She lives in Calgary and works as a physiotherapist there.

She moved there years ago and loves it - even bought a house there. I've visited her twice so far. It was brilliant, and some day I'll put the photos from the trips up on this site.

She's a little shy. She really likes to organize and plan (more than me). She has great taste. She's always been able to do everything better than me. Frustrating.

She is smart. She is beautiful, although she certainly doesn't think she is. She snowboards, plays soccer, runs marathons, hikes and generally loves to exercise.

She also loves travelling. Our first trip together was a weekend in New York when I was 16 and she was 19. We went to Europe together (France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland) for 5 weeks when I was 20. We went to Peru for 2.5 weeks and were actually on the Macchu Picchu trek during the September 11th attacks. Quite a lot of shared memories.

Favourite Moment: Sitting in German bakeries with her.

Sad Part: She's in Calgary. She really has no idea how amazing she is.



jen on a hike in calgary