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:: Friday, July 30, 2004 ::
Dreary day in Toronto. Boo!

And the forecast for the rest of the long weekend? Thundershowers, thundershowers and more rain. Fantastic!

And me, planning to move. Sigh. What great planning.

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:: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 ::
Had a lovely sushi dinner last night with Jess. And more presents!

AND I had my inaugural visit to Bally's, following my re-membership. They have a really good annual deal, so I had to go for it. Maybe this way, I'll actually go to some yoga and pilates classes.

For now, though, my chest and back are screaming at me for my efforts last night. And today is volleyball. As usual, I will rip up the court, despite the fact that I can't lift my arms above my shoulders. Ouch.

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:: Monday, July 26, 2004 ::
Today, my workmates took me out for birthday lunch... I'm really lucky to work in such a nice place. Most people don't like their jobs at all. I'm glad that I have such great people around me.

Then I got birthday wishes from all my friends... Raye, Jess, Heather and her mom, Marlene, from BC, Susan from Scotland, Andrea from Germany, Jaap and his parents and Jan, all from the Netherlands, Emilie in Australia, Chris, Tony, my cousin Becca, my mom (of course!).

I'm such a lucky girl.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Went home for the weekend to celebrate, well, me. It was so lovely. So quiet, so relaxed, too much food, enough sleep... perfection!

Plus, Matt and Kendra got me a gift certificate, so I got to go shopping with Matt and buy new clothes! My first new clothes since I've returned home!

I got a yoga mat and an IQ-test book shaped like a toilet for reading at those special moments. And I brought home Matt's old bike so I can start riding (as soon as I figure out how to get the tire on properly...)

And today I celebrate another year on the planet. What a year it's been. It's hard to believe that, on this day last year I was in Sydney, blowing out the candles from my chocolate-bar birthday cake that Andrea made me. I miss her. That was a good day.

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