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:: Friday, November 10, 2006 ::
Sometimes, I get upset about things.

I know, I know: shocking.

But seriously, I get so upset about some things that I make myself sick. I worry, I fret, I obsess.

And sometimes, when it seems the worst, I take a step back and ask myself a very important question:

How important is this, really?

And I look at the span of my life until now and all the crappy things that have happened and realize that, no matter how crappy something was when I went through it, I still got through it. Better yet, I haven't thought about that crappy time in years.

And so I realize: nothing is really all that important.

There are even people that you thought were important at the time and they came and went and you life is no worse off for their absence. I mean, come on, when's the last time you thought about that best friend in grade 1? Or that chick who stole the guy you liked in highschool?

It all passes.

And suddenly, I can handle anything.

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As I'm sitting here freezing in my new office cubicle, I'm thinking back fondly to last night's meeting with my university friends, Scott and Mike.

I actually had DRINKS with BUDDIES and ate WINGS!
I feel cooler already.

Strange thing, though. Scott has a wife and a home, pets and a baby. Mike has a very significant other with whom he owns a cute house and they live there with her child and were seriously considering having another together.

They both are relatively happy. Even Mike, who is not known for being happy. Ever.

I'll tell ya, if you'd asked me back when we were in university, I would not have guessed that they would be in those lives and I would be in mine. OK, yes, I own a house. And YES, I live with my boyfriend. But marriage and babies and even pets are so far away from where we are right now.

I really do want that life.

Most of my friends already have that life, or are heading quickly for it (not everyone, I know). But even Anita has gotten engaged and owns a house in Brampton now.

I look at pictures of Max, Scott and Kat's baby and I get this pull in my stomach.

I know that obviously it's not the right time yet for me. But I'm impatient.

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Originally uploaded by chrisevans.
"Climate change is the greatest market failure the world has seen."

Thus says the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, apparently the most comprehensive report on this topic ever published.

Basically, they are confirming what we all know but refuse to face and take responsibility for: the climate is changing ridiculously fast and it's going to have some really horrible consequences.

They have recommendations that we need to undertake NOW:

  1. Carbon pricing, through taxation, emissions trading or regulation, so that people are faced with the full social costs of their actions.
  2. Technology policy, to drive the development and deployment at scale of a range of low-carbon and high-efficiency products
  3. remove barriers to energy efficiency, and to inform, educate and persuade individuals about what they can do to respond to climate change

I really have to ask if people are THAT dumb.

We have known for a long time that this is a problem. Al Gore got on the war path and some people started to say, "Well, I guess maybe I should think about it."

In the end, I suspect the problem is this:

"The most vulnerable -- the poorest countries and populations -- will suffer earliest and most, even though they have contributed least to the causes..."

Sadly, I think the reason that we (and I mean North America and most of the people that I know) are not really doing anything or for that matter, all that concerned, is that we believe that this really won't affect us.

We are protected by our affluence.
And perhaps we are.

But perhaps not so for our children.
"All countries will be affected."

Perhaps we have the luxury of kidding ourselves, temporarily. But it will catch up with us if we don't do our part.

While that doesn't mean freezing our asses off in winter, it may mean NOT freezing our asses off in summer. I mean, seriously, there are no barriers to energy efficiency for us, unless they are our own refusals to spend an extra couple of bucks on the more efficient light or appliance.

And we are informed, educated individuals about what we can do to respond to climate change. Think about it -- your are, aren't you?

Apparently, we just need to be spoon-fed. We need change to be made SO easy that we don't even realize we're making a change that means a sustainable future.

We need to add our own item to this list if anything is going to happen: elect a governing body that puts this issue FIRST. And write to those governing bodies to let them know what you care about so that they don't lose steam once they get into office.

If we, as the market and the electoral body, make it important, it will become economically and politically viable for the entrepreneurs and politicians to make a go of it.

OK, I need to go take a cold shower.

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:: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 ::

i want to ride my bicycle
Originally uploaded by michele.pedrolli.
Tonight I rode my bike home through the fog.

Stopped at the Food Basics to pick up some cheap groceries and rode up the ridiculously steep hill on Jones as I made my way home with several pounds of frozen chicken on my back.

Apparently, cyclists are the happiest commuters - at least, according to a Stats Can study. Many of us feel that it's the best part of our day.

And am I one of these happy cyclists?

I certainly do prefer the bike to wrestling amongst the rude people in public transportation. What I don't like is the traffic that doesn't know how to deal with cyclists. I don't like the stress. And I don't like the cold.

But sometimes, every so often, when I'm riding around, I find a quiet street that smells of autumn leaves and I slow down to enjoy it and it really is the best part of my day.

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:: Monday, November 06, 2006 ::
I'm so excited about Christmas, that I'm working on my Christmas wish list.

Don't know if you remember me complaining about the lack of good wish-list-making tools. Well, I think the one on MSN Live is pretty good. So, check out my MSN Live space: and click on Wish List.

This is where I'll be keeping my updated wish list this Christmas season.


I'm a web nerd. This is what web nerds DO. They use the web for seemingly silly reasons. I personally call it "useful" although I'm sure Alex calls his PVR useful too.

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Tonight, after work, on my way to get my bike from the bike room, I found myself singing Christmas carols.

OH, but I am EXCITED already!

I think it's that I'm organizing the MaRS Christmas party. It totally puts me in the mood...

I was also looking at holiday recipes at my parents' house on the weekend. I love going there - I get away from the stress of my house, catch up on my magazine reading, get fed, have warm, comforting cats sit on me, demanding to be petted, and drink warm decaf beverages.

Really, what could be better? Aside from Christmas of course?

This time, I had brought home a bunch of clothes that I wanted to give away because I never wear them. And then I had a brainwave: Mom and I could alter the clothes to make them cool again! So we made my that's-so-2000 bell-bottom jeans into straight legs. And PRESTO! I have hot new jeans! We also tailored a velvet jacket that was way too boxy to be flattering. Mom made darts in all the right places and I wore it at work today and felt very cool.

YAY for new refurbished clothes!

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