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:: Monday, October 16, 2006 ::
This weekend, my sister arrived from Calgary.

My mom picked her up at the airport and they came over to my place on Saturday afternoon. I had made some apple crisp for us in case we wanted a snack. Turns out we wanted a snack and it was a very yummy batch of apple crisp. Mm!

Then we went shopping at Yorkdale mall. Shopped at all the stores that Jen doesn't have in Calgary. I bought a couple of things at H&M. We got my mom to get a few cool pieces, too.

We stayed til past closing before taking the subway back to the Danforth where we went for Thai food.

We went back to my house and drank lots of wine and talked until the wee hours of the morning.

Next morning, we got ready and went downtown to shop again. And I showed them my workplace. And we ate indian food. YUM!

Then they had to get home.
It was a totally fun girl weekend.

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