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:: Friday, May 05, 2006 ::
The house down the street from ours just sold for over $15k more than ours!

I'm so excited that we got a good deal on our house!

It's cuter and Team CathyAlex hasn't even STARTED their beautification project yet!

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:: Thursday, May 04, 2006 ::
Tonight at MaRS we have musicians playing instruments in our Atrium that I've never heard of before. Their music is floating over to me here at my desk and literally giving me goosebumps.

They are practicing for soundaXis, a sound, achitecture and accoustics festival that will be holding events here at MaRS between June 1-11.

What a fascinating place this can be.

We had bacon, eggs, fried potatoes and croissants for breakfast. A full roast beef dinner for lunch. Cookies and granola bars arrived for us just as the place empties out.

I will get fat.
But perhaps it will be with a smile on my face.

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:: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 ::
Do you know how long it's been since I talked to Heather?

Well, it's been an embarassingly long time.

We finally caught up last night. And did it ever feel good to talk. It's odd -- what with her living out in Vancouver and us not actually communicating much -- it's surprising that we would connect again so easily.

It's just so easy talking to her. She seems to GET it. And that's a really nice feeling.

I guess she reads my blog and says that I seem to always be doing something. I suppose she's right:

  • Monday, I visited Anita and went for a nice long walk and ate leftovers from her boyfriend's birthday party.
  • Last night, I walked home and set aside for Iris (see my last post) and talking to Heather.
  • Tonight, I'm getting together with Jess and making her dinner (I say "making" but I will likely be serving the latest MaRS-special.
  • Tomorrow night, I'm going to see a documentary that's part of HotDocs, the Toronto documentary festival, with Sarah and Sharon
  • Friday I have 2 parties to go to: one bon voyage party for a beach vball friend and one YAY-new-job party for a former coworker.
  • The weekend, I suspect, will be dedicated to helping Alex move into my apartment.


But I LIKE being busy. When I'm NOT busy, I make myself busy. Then I don't feel lonely or bored. I feel exciting and productive.

This is the me that I like.

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:: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 ::

Blue Iris in the Rain
Originally uploaded by birdyboo.
I finally watched the movie Iris.

I suppose that it was good timing for me.

I have been feeling pretty down lately; preoccupied with negative feelings.

Iris is about a novelist who succumbs to Alzheimer's. It was tragically sad, but at the same time quite beautiful because it was also about the love that she had in her life.

Her husband, John, is just about the dearest doddering old fool you can imagine. Even at her worst, he loves her and cares for her with such gentleness, even while he himself is quite a mess, that it just breaks your heart. It is painful to watch the woman he loves remove herself from the world. But it warmed my heart just watching how he stood by her the whole time, wanting to do what she would have wanted, trying to make her difficult days bearable.

I'm sure it's very difficult to find someone with such stubborn loyalty.

I realize that perhaps that is what I have in my life now and I should feel quite lucky to have discovered this rarity.

I believe that I have been expecting more than this. I have been looking for happiness in a person or in love.

In fact, Iris muses that people mistakenly search for this: for happiness to be brought to them by someone or something.

It seems that I should have learned my lesson years ago: the only true happiness is discovered within myself.

When I travelled for such a long time, I remembered myself. The true Cathy. Because I was on my own and had no one to depend on but me. I did the things I wanted and I talked to whomever pleased me and I felt so real. I had a genuine interest in the people that I met and I treasured everything I learned and experienced. I loved who I was then. I loved the joy I took in every day and every moment.

But it was because all my moments were lived for me - not selfishly, but individually. I felt free.

As Iris says, "There is only one freedom of any importance, freedom of the mind."

Perhaps it's time I gained my mental freedom and remembered who I am again.

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:: Sunday, April 30, 2006 ::
117 Marlow, my new house
117Marlow - front exterior
Originally uploaded by webgoddesscathy.
My new house.

I walked by it today. I found a MUCH better route from my apartment to the house via the Millwood bridge over the DVP. Instead of the 2+ hour walk that I took Jaap on, it was about 1 hour.

There's another house for sale on our street. It's listed for about $10k more, so I wanted to see what it was all about.

It's got some nice features, I suppose, like a bigger backyard (ours has 2 parking spots in the back, which takes up some of the space). But I don't think it's as nice a place as ours.

I was talking to the real estate agent and he says he thinks the house is going to sell for much more than the listing. Of course, every agent wants to believe this, but I'm going to keep an eye on it. When I told him our sale price, he said we got a VERY good deal.

Yessss! We are so smart!
Only 2 more months til we move in!

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Originally uploaded by webgoddesscathy.
I finally got all of my ski trip photos up on Flickr.

The trip was Feb 25-Mar 5th this year and we got an awesome price on the flight to Calgary.

Jen, as usual, got us some great deals on things like hotels and coffee and lift tickets. So, all in all, the trip was pretty cheap.

We went to Fernie for the first time, but it was a total wash out - or should I say rain-out. It rained the entire time we were there. So all of my Fernie photos are indoors.

Kicking Horse kicked ass this year, although since it was only our second time out this year, it took me and mom couldn't take to much advantage of it. We did manage to get lost a little, though, when we attempted our first blue run at the end of the first day. That was pretty exciting.

Lake Louise was beautiful, although a little icy. The trails were well groomed and well marked, so it was easier for me and mom.

And Sunshine is always fun. Even when it's busy, it's not too bad. I graduated to doing jumps (vips and vaps) with Matt and Jen, shrieking every time.

To see all of the photos, you can click here.
And browse backwards. You'll go through the trip backwards this way.

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