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:: Saturday, September 11, 2004 ::
Taking a cue from Princess Top of the Woods, I would like to report that my name, in Dutch, means a group of fruit trees or orchard.

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Went out to see a band (actually, a couple bands, but only one was really worth mentioning) at the Horseshoe last night. Jen and I went to school with two guys from the band Lifted and, since Jen is in town from Calgary, we decided to have a sisters-night-out to see this band for the first time.

Honestly, I didn't even know that my friend, Bill, from high school was even in the band until I saw him outside. It was a total double-take as he looks so different now! The last time I saw him I think I was in second-year university. I remember that he used to date my friend Anita. He was on my bus in high school. I remember that he came to visit me in the hospital when I was in grade 11 and had nearly died. He and his friend Chris nearly killed me with laughter.

And suddenly, there he is looking like Mr. Rocker outside the Horseshoe. And of course, he is so talented. In fact, the whole band was just amazing. Kind of Our-Lady-Peace-esque. They had real stage presence and outstanding songs.

I think about how much talent is out there and how little I actually get to hear any of it cause it never gets on the radio. What a shame. Talent is such a precious thing and we really don't do enough in Canada to support our artists.

Immediately afterwards, I went to the CHUM City Festival Schmooze, where Alex was working. He gave me a wristband so that we could go have a look at the party. Typically all the "BIG" stars had left. But it still strikes me that, even though the Toronto Film Festival is supposed to be about the indie films, it's still the big Hollywood stars that everyone wants to catch a glimpse of. I'm pretty sure that none of the people watching the red carpet even recognized most of the Canadian talent.

It's a sad truth: real artists are not properly appreciated. Their art is not supported because it's cheaper and easier to go with whatever is marketed best. We get spoon-fed whatever artist has the right connections. And art suddenly becomes so vanilla.

I want to make a point to support the arts more. I think it's an important mark of our civilization. And maybe if I do that, someday someone will support me to live my life expressing my talent and I can just write all day long.

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:: Friday, September 10, 2004 ::
Ohmygosh. Sarah made a cake. Even the picture of it makes my mouth water. Sarah is such an amazing baker. She made me the absolute BEST cheesecake for my 27th birthday. It was one of those "I want to put it all in my mouth right now cause it's so yummy, but I have to eat it slowly so I can savour and also I'm sad for when it's gone."

Maybe I can find a way to make sure that Sarah makes me a cake every week and then all I do that week is just eat it. Mmmm.

And no sharing.

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:: Thursday, September 09, 2004 ::
So Blogger suddeny has all this new functionality. You can send my posts to
a friend via email. I can email a post to publish on my site. It's crazy.
How do they manage to offer this for free? I'm pretty sure I should take
better advantage of what they have to offer; they make it all so easy!

No, they don't make me say this. I just tell people when I really like
something. Just like President's Choice Financial. Seriously, if you don't
have an account there already, what are you waiting for??


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Just had my first Ultimate Frisbee practice. It was awesome. That's not to say that I was awesome, but it was great fun. I learned three basic throws, the basic rules of the game, and some of the players on the team.

I'm playing with my roommate, James, and his company. They need girls and so, there I am. I figured it would be great exercise... and it will be for sure!

First game: Tuesday!

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Conversation at work: that Canadians are more receptive to UK accents than Americans.

Supporting point: in American movies, people with accents are usually bad guys.

I brought up Arnold Schwarzenegger and they dismissed me: he can't help it. What about Pierce Brosnan? Well, he was James Bond and that's a British-related film. Mike Myers as Austin Powers? Based on James Bond. "And, on the other hand, he has really bad teeth."

Do you have an example of an American movie that uses a character who has an accent who is NOT the bad guy?

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:: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 ::
Went out for dinner with my mom and Jen and Kendra at the Queen Mother Cafe. I had yummy Laotian food. Mom tried with varying degress of unsuccess to eat with chopsticks.

It was a nice dinner, but far too short.

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:: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 ::
In case you've read my Sept. 2nd blog about the wedding and were really concerned that I didn't think that Heather looked lovely, I will confirm it:
Heather looked like the quintessential magazine-style beautiful bride. Absolutely like a princess. Perfect.
I just thought that it was a forgone conclusion that she looked lovely. But now you know.

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:: Monday, September 06, 2004 ::
Sitting at home drinking tea in front of my computer - I really do feel that it's a home now. I have my computer hooked up to the internet, with my things surrounding me. I'm geeking out.

Sure, things aren't perfect.
  • I'm still unpacking and cleaning as I go.
  • I still don't know how to do my laundry here in this building.
  • The 24-hour Dominion was closed so I couldn't buy my breakfast this morning.
  • My computer speakers are still missing a power source, so I can't listen to music on them yet.
  • It's a beautiful holiday Monday outside and I'm inside, on my computer, on the phone, fixing my bike and putting together my bookcase INSIDE

    All in all, I suppose I'm doing well. I'm really trying to update my website a little. I'm synching all the changes I've made in the past year with all my files on my computer. I'm downloading all the pictures that people have sent me that I haven't been able to put up yet. Finishing up vacation draft blogs. I'm working on it. Promise.

    Updates first. Redesign later.

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