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:: Friday, June 11, 2004 ::
Raye has put together a totally well-written list of Top Ten Movies.

While I might not agree with them all (I mean, The Sound of Music is good, but not Top Ten in my book), but I respect her ability to put it out there unabashedly (even with the caveats).

So, I'm going to try a list...

  1. The Mission - anything that can make me cry that hard for that long, even after seeing it 5 times...
  2. The Lord of the Rings (FoTR or TTT, not sure... does that make it 2 entries?) - I was sad when they ended, angry that I had to wait a whole YEAR to see the next one
  3. Moulin Rouge - see my references to Ewan; what a gorgeous movie
  4. The Breakfast Club - ultimate teen flick; I can recite all the words. ("Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?" "Don't mess with the bull, young man; you'll get the horns.")
  5. Snatch - or Lock Stock 'n' 2 Smoking Barrels, but equally wicked cool
  6. Ghandi - my inspiration
  7. Matrix - the first one, of course, and I loved the special effects
  8. Ocean's Eleven - total eye candy and so smooth
  9. Dogma or Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back - probably the latter
  10. Memento - so clever it hurt my brain. And Guy Pierce.

OK, these might change as I get comments. Stay tuned...

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:: Thursday, June 10, 2004 ::
Last night I went and watched my beach volleyball team slaughter the competition yet again. We rule!

Of course, we probably wouldn't have won if I hadn't shown up to lend moral support... I mean, a team can only do so much on its own, right?

I couldn't play due to a broken back, but at least I got to watch the other team play (we're called "What Court Are We On?" and "What Court Are We On Next?" pretty slick, huh?).

But the best part was when we all went to the pub for dinner and socializing and mused about how, even though the rest of the world all seems to be getting married, buying houses and popping out children, we're still all still wedding-less, and then made plans to go out dancing on Friday.

Then Brian told me that I needed to be a little more scandalous on my blog, so as to entertain him in his sad, empty life. So I'm gonna hafta try harder. I usually keep the most scandalous stuff to myself, not wanting to embarass anyone, nor give anyone ammunition to use against me in the future. Although I should probably add to some people's profile that they love drama, I might add to my own that I do not. I wish I could pour my heart out on the internet and maybe someday I will, but in my world, some things remain private...

I mean, how else am I supposed to carry on 3 hot love affairs at a time?

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:: Tuesday, June 08, 2004 ::
Had a lovely weekend.

The wedding was nice and pretty fun for someone who didn't know anyone in the wedding party. Plus, they had a Godiva Chocolate Fountain! Ya, that's TOTALLY making an appearance at my debatably plausible wedding.

Then I had a leisurely Sunday morning, drinking tea, doing email, reading The Tao of Pooh and writing in my journal (my offline journal, not my online journal. I love writing. I wish I did it more often. I never seem to find the time these days. Thank goddess for Sunday mornings.

I got a visit from Alex and my mom, and they helped me move in the last of my things. My room looks like I live in it now. I have a computer that I can turn on (although it's not online yet, so I can't do anything about my site... sigh) and a stereo and pictures!

We all went to have a lovely steak dinner with Matt, who's recovering from surgery nicely. He never fails to make me laugh. He was a little upset with me for telling some friends of mine about his first date with Kendra, which was apparently too sappy for human consumption. Whatever, it's the sweetest story I've ever heard.

He should be happy I taught him how to be a sweetheart.

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I think I have broken myself.

My back has me moving, once again, like a pregnant yak. And NO, I'm STILL not pregnant. Nor a yak.

I don't know what I did or which god I offended, but it's all coming back to me.

So I thought that maybe I should go to the theatre to watch SuperSize Me, it being cheap Tuesdays, afterall.

After wincing as I lowered myself into the seat and moaning when the old couple made me move to accommodate them, I settled in for the horror.

Good doco.
Apparently just released in Australia, and the director's just gotten back. Damn, it would be nice to be him right now... I mean, aside from the life-threatening shit storm he just threw at his body for the sake of media coverage and fame. I suppose I should know him before I throw stones. I'm just so jaded. Maybe, just maybe, he really thought "hey I'll do something for the good of society. I will leave my mark by squishing their fat faces into this vat of obesity they call life."

Who really knows his motivation? Only he does.

And now I have to go work off that ice cream I just ate while I wallow in pain.

Gee, I wonder why I have a body that misbehaves? I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I ate rhubarb crisp for breakfast...

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