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:: Saturday, January 31, 2004 ::
Here we are in Wanaka. We were going to do a half-day walk to the Rob Roy Glacier at nearby Mount Aspiring National Park, but unfortunately a stream blocked our way. Jaap made me get out and check the depth of the stream. So I dutifully took off my shoes and socks and waded into the icy mountain run-off almost up to my knees. A little too deep for the Audi 100.

"Stupid car," Jaap says.

We turned back in the driving rain and checked into our hostel.

We've just finished watching The Last Samurai at the Paradiso Cafe here. It's just an old theatre-cafe with old chairs and couches and even an old yellow VW bug parked inside to sit in. At intermission (who has intermission anymore?!) I bought one of their freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm.

Pretty good movie, although I'm not big on Tom Cruise.
Next stop: Fox Glacier and our one-day tough-guy hike.

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This just in from Kendra:
"i think you should kick jaap in the box for going to middle earth without you. jerk. is he stupid?

have i mentioned that i am jealous of your travelling? well, i am. and it's not very considerate of you to show off like this all over the internet."

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Rafting on the Shotover River was outstanding! We saw the spot where Aragorn was tossed over the cliff in the Two Towers, after the warg-battle. It's in a place called Skipper's Canyon. It's a gorgeous canyon and rafting the grade four rapids was excellent fun! I got soaked and almost fell out, but managed to save myself with my superb rafting technique.

Jaap, on the other hand, was deemed "best splasher." Enough said.

We then had a short walk through the Queenstown markets. I didn't even buy anything! Yay me!

After a quick lunch on the sun-drenched patio of our hostel, we took off for Glenorchy and Paradise, where we went 4WDing in Jaap's non-4WD vehicle. I managed to get a couple shots of Lothlorien and the Misty Mountains while there, which was gorgeous. We even stopped off at Twelve-Mile Delta to see the Ithilien Camp. The drive in this area is amazing. Mountains, lake, trees... wow.

Finally, we trucked off in the opposite direction from Queenstown to check out the Kawarau River Bungy Bridge. The Kawarau is also known as the Anduin. And you can tell. The water is the same shocking turquoise. We're going back tomorrow so that I can take a photo of the Argonath site.

And then we're leaving Queenstown and heading to Wanaka and Mount Aspiring National Park, a World Heritage site.

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Hi everyone

The story happend a week ago.

I have been jinxed by two girls from Essex!!!!!

The story goes like this : i drove from Rotoura to Wellington after saying goodby to my friends from Austria. Nothing happens on the way. It was a nice drive.

So i stayed in a hostel for one night and met two girls from Essex (GBR). They also wanne go to Christchurch, so i invited them to come with me.

We had the boat at 8 o'clock, so we had to leave around 6:30. We checked out on time and then the shit happend. The car was blocked by another car but there was an tag in front of the window. It says that they were sleeping in tent U. So we went looking for tent U but didn't found it. Also some tents were down because of the storm. So we waked everybody up in the campsite but the owner wasn't there. We found him in the commenroom sleeping. He wasn't really happy but he removed his car.

Then we were on our way to the ferry. We checked in on time,but were waiting on to get onboard. Then a man said to us that the boat was cancelled. We had to wait for a while and maybe there was space on the 9:30 ferry. NOT.
After three hours of waiting we were asked to get in the terminal. There they told us that we could go with another company. We had to get our money back. But when it was our turn they were over there limit of giving back money.
But after 15 minutes we could use our ticket for the other company. Thank God !!!!!!.

Our new ferry was leaving at 1 o'clock. We had to wait for another couple of hours. But in the end we were on our way. The trip was really stormy so people get seasick.
I almost felt that I was on the TITANIC !!!!!!!! I almost imagine I saw Icebergs !!!!!!

After 4 hours on the boat were finally in the car to get to Christchurch.
After we get some food from the supermarket my meters and the dashboardlight didn't work anymore. I thought : no worries mate!! It's going be fine. But after 30 minutes the radio was going down and after that the car was brokedown.

I opened the bonnet and already a car stopped to help me. The guy was a Kiwi.
He towed us to Kaikoura that was like 50 km away. But we made it again.

The next day I went to a mechanic to have a look at the car. I thaugt that the alternator was broke, but the fuse was broke. That was why the alternator didn't functioned anymore. After that he put in a new fuse in the car. The car was working again properly. I drove 5 minutes and the fuse was broke again. Back to the garage and have a look again. Nothing !!!!!!

I drove again and the fuse broke again when I reversed. So we went looking again. Nothing to find !!!!!!

I reversed again and nothing happend !!!!!.

Stupid car !!!!

We didn't stayed there to fix the car but we went off again to Christchurch. We maded it without any problem.

I say the girls have jinxed me and the car.


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:: Friday, January 30, 2004 ::
Well, the JetBoating was cool for about 5 minutes. The 360s were kinda cool and almost running into stuff was cool. But then it was the same thing over and over. I talked to a girl who's been on all 3 and she says that the Shotover River is better than the Kawarau in terms of exciting. So at least we're going rafting on it tomorrow. Early. Which means I'd better get myself to bed!

Did the Time Walk on Queenstown Hill. It was nice, but a little cloudy. Jaap went mountain biking to Deer Park without me! I can't believe he did that when he KNEW I wanted to go there to see the Lord of the Rings filming location! Well, so I tried to poison him with dinner tonight. I wonder if it worked...

Off to bed.

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:: Thursday, January 29, 2004 ::
Today, Jaap and I are going JetBoating on the Kuwarau River. This is the location of the filming for the Argonath (Anduin, The Great River) in Lord of the Rings.

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I have just created a new user account for Jaap, so that he can start blogging and telling you stories from HIS point of view. English is his second language, so try to make fun of him as much as possible.

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Thanks Cath for your cooperation for me to write on your fabulous Website.
Now I can practising my English writing and you can see something from a mans view.

I had a really funny story about my cartrouble but Cath read it and thruw it away. But I will get the story back in a couple of days and than you can read a really funny story. Cathy is a good writer but she doesn't makes funny story's.



ps. Every comment is welcome about my english

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Today I forded the Fords of Bruinen near Arrowtown, an old gold mining town.

Jaap and I were pretty hung over this morning, after drinks with his friend Paddy last night. So we had a leisurely morning and only only got out there around 2pm. So we were going to take it easy... then we started walking up the Arrow River and suddenly, there I was in the middle of the icy river with my skirt hiked up and my sandals in my hand... ridiculous.

But so worth it!
It was lovely and quiet and I felt like I was in a movie.

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:: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 ::
This just in from Kendra:
"just wondering, have you seen Legolas since you've been in NZ? he's a tall elvish guy - pointy ears, can walk on snow, hair never gets tangled... if you are starting to think about souvenirs, could you please bring me Pippin? ask Legolas where he is. i think he's cuter. and definitely funnier."
She is my favourite.

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OHMYGOSH, Raye has launched her site!

It is cute and I'm in love with it. I adore how Raye writes. Especially about men. Oh, she's good! (And so are men.)

If you wanna read what she said about me, you can click here.

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Three days away from the computer - CRAZY! But I'm back! This time, in Queenstown (so-called because it is a town fit for a queen).

It is certainly a beautiful town and Jaap and I are staying in a lovely hostel, Bumbles for $22/night. I am also drinking yummy coffee from Voodoo Cafe, incase anyone goes to Queenstown and is looking for good coffee there.

I've been in TeAnau for the past 2 nights, staying in a lovely holiday park. Yesterday, we went to Milford Sound (which is actually a fiord, not a sound). We woke up really early to drive the 2+ hours on the most scenic roads I've seen yet. Mountains, waterfalls, rapids, forests, plains and lakes. All just too beautiful to be believed. It was the first time I really felt that I was in Middle-earth.

We did a 2.5-hour cruise of the fiord, snapping photos like crazy. It was lovely weather, we were lucky, although they say that it's even more beautiful when it's raining. Hard to imagine.

But the drive there and back was utterly spectacular. We stopped for a short walk to The Chasm (the 10-minute walk that everyone does) and then decided that we'd do a 3-hour suggested walk to the Key Summit, which is part of the larger Milford Track.

In short, it was the most beautiful walk I've ever done. And Jaap made fun of me most of the way about braces and all sorts of ridiculous things which made the time go quickly. Thankfully, today he found out that he's gained weight and now I have something that I can make fun of. He's trying to quit smoking and is addicted to sugar (and food in general, actually). Did I mention that he also has leprosy? Yuk.

He also managed to melt all the butter in the trunk yesterday so that it got ALL over EVERYTHING in the food box. EW! Then he made ME clean it up! I couldn't believe it! OK, well, maybe I had something to do with that....

On our way from TeAnau this morning, I made Jaap take a dusty backroad detour to check out some Lord of the Rings locations. I saw the spot where Sam gets in the water to chase after Frodo when he's trying to leave the Fellowship at the end of the first movie. We skipped rocks and had a nice lunch there. Such a gorgeous, peaceful spot. Also saw part of Fangorn Forest.

Ya, I'm cool.
When I couldn't find my way out of part of the forest that's used as part of the Amon Hen battle scene, Jaap chided me, "Come ON, Lord of the Rings nerd!"

He's fired.
OK, maybe not. He's very patient with my nerdiness...

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