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We met on Magnetic Island, Queensland, Aus, when I was doing my advanced scuba diving certification. I was hanging around, bored, waiting for the weather to calm down so I could do my dives. And there was Jaap, bored (as always), staying at the ghetto-welfare hostel. We went for walks, we talked about Dutch food (he's from Friesland), he told me I'm not Dutch just because my parents are from the Netherlands, he made fun of me because I can't speak Dutch and because I'm "old". I should have known...

And then he followed me around the country, meeting up with me in Cairns and in Melbourne, showing up in Christchurch so we could travel around New Zealand together in his car for a month, and finally catching up with me in Perth, WA.

Jaap is a bit of a bad person. He says what he means and doesn't seem to think about it before it comes out. But he can be sweet; he really knocks me off my game when he compliments me. And he does the dishes. And, best of all, he makes me laugh. He loves soccer, driving fast, bike-riding, smoking and, well, ME, of course!

I don't know how he survives without me helping to navigate him through life as I navigated him through NZ. He's always getting depressed because he misses me. He tries to pretend it's because he's quitting smoking, but I know the truth.

You can read some of Jaap's NZ Blogs on my site here. Stay tuned for photos of our trip in NZ.

Update 2005

Jaap couldn't live without me, so he got a working holiday visa in Canada. And came to stay with me for a month in Toronto. You can read some of our Ontario-based adventures in my blog. More photos coming soon.

Favourite Moments: Powderfinger and Jack Johnson playing in the car as we turned another corner into yet another breathtaking vista. Tubing in the Elora Gorge.

Sad parts: When he told me he hates my cooking. And that braces are ugly.

If you have a new boyfriend to recommend to me, by all means, email me about them.



jaap at uluru

Other photos:
Jaap in his Oranje shirt
Jaap and I in Grand Bend
Jaap at Paradise Point, ON
Jaap skating
Jaap, packing