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:: Friday, December 29, 2006 ::
Found a whole stack of my old journals from years back. They pretty much start at the beginning of university. I'm taking my counsellor's advice and reading through my history as it really happened, instead of how my flawed memory recollects it.

Interesting to see the similarities between what's happening in my life now and what happened years ago. Interesting also to see the changes.

I have grown up and take more responsibility for myself and my needs. I say "more" because I have not totally grown out of my infantile desire for someone else to be in control. To be responsible for decisions that I'm afraid to make on my own and bear the consequences of.

If such decisions turn out badly, at least I can convince myself I wasn't the total reason for failure.

Clever little sub-conscious I have, wouldn't you say?

Ya, I know: I'm working on it.

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Discovered a new sci-fi tv series: Firefly. We got the series DVD from my brother, Matt, for Christmas. It's weird: a wild-west space show. With great characters and dialogue and stories.

And yet, it didn't make it past season one.
Wonder why?

Anyway, we're watching it and I'm totally addicted.
Sad story that they didn't continue it.

You know, TV can be really great when you're trying to not think about things that really matter.

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:: Thursday, December 28, 2006 ::
Setting up a new computer is just tonnes of fun.

Download that before you can upload this just so that you can download it again. Get a license key, find the password for such and such.

Even though we got my parents a Dell, and it's easIER, it's still not easy. And being the resident "computer person" means that I get to do it. Too bad I'm more "web" and less "computer".

Just makes me realize how little I know.
But I'm learning.

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:: Monday, December 25, 2006 ::
Christmas YAY!

We took until about 5pm tonight to open our presents. As usual. I got ski poles and a leather storage bench for my front room and a flower box and CDs and some thermal underwear and a Bingo scratch ticket on which I won $6!

Awesome Christmas. I love being home with family.
I don't want it to end.

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