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:: Friday, August 25, 2006 ::

Golf Statue
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The MaRS Social Committee (organized by yours truly) put on an AWESOME company golf tournament on Wednesday this week.

I was a little afraid, since I've never golfed before in my life.

We played "best ball" so everyone teed off and we all shot next from the team's best-placed ball. We had to use at least 2 of each team member's tee-offs.

They used THREE of mine! I was very excited.

I had a great team, with two really good golfers being patient enough to teach me some basics. We even won the spirit award!

The day was gorgeous and it was the most fun I've had in a long time. Can't wait to golf again!

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It's been a great and tiring week.

Tuesday night, I went to see The Chairs for half price with Sara (with no 'h'). It was an interesting play - I'm still thinking about it.

I chose that play rather than The Importance of Being Earnest because NOW magazine had given it a better review.

I'm glad I went, but it was a LATE night.

Wednesday, I got up super early to get to Davisville station where a colleague drove us to the MaRS Golf Tournament (at the Richmond Hill Country Club). See above post and photos on flikr.

After golfing, I went to see the Lord of the Rings play at the Princess of Wales theatre. It was a long slog; it started at 7:30pm and we got out at 11pm. One full intermission, one short intermission.

But I'm really glad that I saw it. A couple of characters, mostly elves, actually, had the most fantastic voices. Legolas, Galadriel and Arwen were all gorgeous singers and I found their music haunting. The other music I found completely forgettable and kind of wanted to fast-forward through it in efforts to get to the end more quickly.

There were some pretty cool effects as well. The Balrog was the definitely the highlight. I won't spoil it in case you go to see it too. But I felt the destruction of the ring was pretty underdone in terms of effects. Sad.

But I paid only $25 for the ticket, so I was quite happy. Be sure you know the story if you go, because otherwise you will have serious trouble figuring out what's going on.

Thursday night was date night.

A colleague had just come home from Newfoundland where he'd been cod fishing and had brought me back some of his wares. So we grilled it on the bbq and I made some butter white wine sauce and grilled veggies and rice.

Total yum!

But I was beat. So many late nights. So Alex and I put together the long-awaited chore schedule and went to bed.

Today at work we had a goodbye lunch for our summer students, which was sad but really quite nice to hang out. I'll miss them and I totally hope they come back someday. They were the most fun people here.

I also visited my friend Evelyn at Sick Kids hospital for my coffee break, as her daughter is there right now. It was nice to see Ev at least, but her daughter was very uncharacteristically quiet. Poor kid feels pretty crappy with an appendicitis complication that I sort of went through when I was 16; but apparently she'll be fine soon. They expect that she may be able to go home on Monday.

Tonight - shortly, actually - I'm heading to the bus station to catch a ride to Kitchener. Kendra's picking me up and we're driving to Sauble Beach for her stagette weekend. I've never been there.

I'm really looking forward to a lot of sleeping. And hopefully it won't be too cold or rain so much that we can't go mini putting!

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:: Sunday, August 20, 2006 ::
I love weekends at home.

They're always filled with too much food, lots of interesting conversations, relaxing and Star-Trek-watching. I'm usually able to catch up on a bit of reading as well.

So I finally managed to read the exceptional Summer 2006 issue of MoneySense. Seriously, this is a great magazine.

This issue listed 50 great ways to grow your money. It wasn't just about investing, much as the whole magazine is not about just investing. It included some tips on smart investing, but there were far more about the basic commandments (ie: pay yourself first, spending less than you make, etc), insurance, handling debt, being a good consumer, real estate, tax and retirement.

Fantastic tips. I might post them on my fridge.

Actually, even better for posting on your fridge is 10 ways to make yourself happier. Shockingly, money doesn't bring happiness. But, based on research, they have a list of 10 things you can do be happier. A couple nice ones: have sex and (somewhat related) exercise regularly, set achievable goals, reflect on the good things in life, get enough sleep and try to enjoy your job which should engage your skills.

ON the work note, my dad commented that I actually am a lot less stressed now that I enjoy my job more. When I looked up how they suggested finding satisfying work, they recommend asking the following questions: What gives me a sense of purpose? What do I enjoy doing? What am I good at?

Find meaning, pleasure and strength in work, or seeing your work as a calling will not surprisingly increase your joy in work. But it will also make you more productive AND creative!

Maybe these are all things that I knew or suspected. But I think I just needed to be reminded.

I think tonight I will go home and talk about what I've read with my favourite boyfriend. Talk about it with your partner too. Apparently, it's one of the top ways to both increase your happiness AND grow your money.

So there.

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