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:: Saturday, July 08, 2006 ::
OK, I think this was day 1000 of stripping the bannister. I had a moment - a very happy moment - when I thought I was done. And then I saw the last third under the stairs that still had to be done.

I tried to palm sander that my neighbour lent me last night. (I must reiterate that he is amazing.) Unfortunately, suck city.

I have a tiny piece left to do. And then Alex left again, afer having finally put on the phone jack plate and I suddenly felt the injustice and refused to continue. Instead, I made myself a hotdog and sat down to watch some HGTV.

I started dreaming out maybe getting on one of those shows and having someone else do all of this work. They seem to be able to all these amazing things in a weekend. Why the hell is it taking me weeks and weeks just to get painted and unpacked?

Seriously, those design shows should come HERE - we'd be great subjects!

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There is a dishwasher sitting on the sidewalk on my street. It looks brand new. Is it for the house that's just been renovated and sold for too much?

I can't tell.

I want it.
I can't imagine someone would just leave a dishwasher on the sidewalk that they weren't trying to give away. On the other hand, what is it doing there? Why hasn't anyone taken it yet? Who do I ask about that? Do I really want it?

So many questions.
I wish I knew more about owning a home.

I mean, I had to learn all about the wonderful world of waste disposal last Monday night. I had no idea. And even though I thought I understood the instructions on the city website, I still had a mix up with the green bin. Oh well, next time I will be perfect.

But seriously, I could have almost NO actual garbage, as you can recycle almost EVERYTHING here! It's awesome.

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:: Thursday, July 06, 2006 ::
I love summer in Toronto. There's always so much going on for free!

This is of course, just a sampling. There will also be several Shakespeare in the Park performances (can't wait) and more community festivals, like Taste of the Danforth.

I love being a part of it!

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:: Monday, July 03, 2006 ::
Turns out that I not only work myself like a dog, I'm also into torturing family members.

Mom and Dad have just left after a day of subjecting them to the drudgery that is my life at the moment. Yikes, I do feel bad. Originally, the plan was to hang out and do it all together - good family yardwork fun!

Then Alex and I realized that it's not often that we get a car at our disposal and decided that we really needed to get that bathroom storage unit so that we can stop stepping around all the crap in the bathroom and finally USE it.

So that's done. My mom and I picked it up and I will assemble it before bed. That's the goal. And we picked up some soil from the Crappy Tire Garden Centre so that I can actually plant something in the planters that I just bought from IKEA.

Meanwhile, my dad weeded my garden, raked up the garbage, mowed the lawns, pruned trees.

Good times for all.

We topped it all off with a trip to Dairy Queen. That fixes everything, don't you think?

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:: Sunday, July 02, 2006 ::
Almost 2am on Sunday night. Finally checking my email again.

I finished painting the bottom floor at about 1am. Cleaned up, etc.

I had the goal of finishing this up today. Problem is, Alex and I went to Starbucks this morning and then had the amazing idea to go to IKEA today to pick some things out in case I could then get my parents to drive the stuff we need home when they come to visit tomorrow.

So it ended up being a huge ordeal of a day and we didn't get home until 10:30pm. I was quite upset with myself for doing almost zero work on the house. I suppose I'd done about a quarter of one wall in the morning before Alex woke up. I wasn't feeling good about that at all.

The other problem is that, the day before (Saturday), I didn't get much done either. I woke up and started painting immediately. Once Alex got up, I went out to do some errands, which included going to Starbucks and the grocery store and the bank.

I got back and painted until Alex's family arrived. They got the post-move-in tour before they took us out for some greek food. By the time we got back from our late lunch, it was 6pm. Time to go to Edgefest - Keane was playing! I love Keane.

Sadly, we missed half of their set and it poured. Our Lady Peace was on after them and they were pretty brutal. I actually think they're not bad in their recorded stuff, but their lead singer, Raine, is just not a good singer. Ugh.

We went out for Dairy Queen with friends who also went to the concert and came back to our place to give them the quick tour. And then it was time for bed, pretty much. Although I did end up emptying 3 more boxes before getting there.

Even so, I just HADN'T accomplished what I'd wanted to.

So I just had to finish the downstairs today. And so here I am at 2am.

Tired. Sleeping time.
Because I have to get up early to start painting the stairway. Good times.

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