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:: Friday, April 21, 2006 ::
This morning on my way to work, I saw a cherry tree in bloom on someone's front lawn on a street I've never gone down before.

What a rare find (both the tree and the street).
It made my walk feel just a little more decadent.

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:: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 ::
I just did my taxes online and NetFiled them.

I totally feel like a woman of the 90s! (Yes, I know what year it is, but seriously, how long did it take me to get to this point?)

It was so easy that I was convinced that I did something wrong.

Here's what happened: I didn't get a tax package delivered to me. So I went to the post office to grab a tax pack. Took it home for the Easter weekend so that I could get my dad to help me. (The last time I did my taxes myself, I thought I owed money. I gave them to my dad to look over and he got me a sizeable return.)

Anyway, I finally got around to opening the package and reading through all the technical tax jargon. I think I worked on it for a couple of hours before I got to a point where they asked about charitable donations and I didn't have my receipts with me.


So I had to wait until I got home to find my electronic receipts on my computer (and request one from the Red Cross from when I made the disaster-relief donation).

Matt and Kendra had both told me they used uFile. They told me you can even just try it out and save your return to go back to later if you want or just use it to check your paper copy.

So I tried it out.

Easiest thing I've ever done.


My mom claims that she's clueless about taxes, but I know that even she could do it.

I think it took me about 1/2 an hour, and it only took that long because I kept reading stuff over and over to make sure I was doing it right. Because it just seemed too easy.

Finally, I was done, I checked it over. Based on recommendations from my dad and uFile, I decided NOT to put in my charitable donations this year, since you get a higher percentage back on amounts over $200. So I'll wait until next year when I have over $200-worth of donations.

Then I pulled the trigger.

Entered my credit card.
Clicked "yes" when they asked if I wanted to NetFile.
Downloaded the PDF to my desktop.
Clicked on the button that said "are you ready to submit to the government?"
Entered my SIN number.
Uploaded the file.

Yep, I'm done.

This is crazy.

Watch me sit here all proud until they come after me a couple months down the road with a reassessment notice.


Still, I'm done!

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Beautiful day outside.
Nice walk to work.
Lovely dinner with Sarah last night.
Lunch with Jane yesterday.

So why do I feel so crappy?

* * *

OK, Allen has given me some chocolate. It's a happy day.

Seriously, Allen is likely the nicest person I know. I admire his ability to smile and keep cool in any stressful situation. And his South African accent always makes him sound so polite and proper.

Mostly, I admire his ability to give me chocolate when I need it.

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:: Monday, April 17, 2006 ::
It's so sad: after a long weekend of really great coffee (decaf espresso Starbucks beans ground fresh for each use, using my parents' espresso machine), work coffee is so thin and comparitively bitter.

Being a coffee snob is so limiting.

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