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:: Friday, October 21, 2005 ::
Friday night at home in my quiet apartment.

I luxuriate in it.

I pull on my yoga pants and a cozy sweater and curl up on my orange couch. God, I love my couch. I turn on David Gray. Damn, I love David Gray. I read the grocery store flier - a guilty pleasure - and a letter from my mom while I sing. I talk to an old friend. I catch up on news of my terribly exciting friend.

My stomach flutters with excitement when I realize that I don't HAVE to do ANYTHING.

Goosebumps rise in expectation of the glorious decadence of it all. My shoulders fall and my satisfied breath fills my lungs and belly.

Eyelids lowered, I listen to the hum of the refridgerator as my spine tingles.

I will make myself some tea and life will be complete.

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:: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 ::

Skipping stones
Originally uploaded by webgoddesscathy.
I was just thinking of the Labour Day Weekend when Jaap, Alex and I went to Sarah's cottage in Washago. (Click here for more photos from that weekend.)

Remember the summer?
Remember when it was warm and sunny and you wanted to cram as much fun in as possible?

Somehow summer never seems to last long enough.

I could have stayed in this moment.

But no matter how great this picture looks, it never tells you the subtext. Or maybe the stone-throwing competition does, afterall.

Today might have been stressful. I might have woken up anxious. But there are good things too.

I've finally settled my timeshare situation. I finally looked into my investments situation. I have started doing yoga again. And my relationship with Alex has never been stronger.

Who needs sunshine and lazy days by the water? Er...

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:: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 ::

Originally uploaded by webgoddesscathy.
Tonight I sat down and added another batch of Holland photos to

I'm sad to discover that it's not as great as I originally thought. I'm going to have to change some things in how I've organized my Holland photos.

However, I thought I'd share with you this photo. It's a bit of colour in an otherwise dreary day today.

I was at work late, trying to do a maintenance budget that my boss has been bugging me about. As if I don't have a jillion other things to do. But I stayed and did it.

And them I came home and finally did my Back Care Yoga tape. It felt good. So I thought, why not celebrate with some warm two-bite brownies with vanilla ice cream while I listen to that stupid choir tape and work on my website?

And so it unfolded.

If you'd like to see more photos of the Bloemenveiling (the flower auction in Aalsmeer, Netherlands), you should click here.

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:: Monday, October 17, 2005 ::
I am grumpy.

Choir night.

I suck. Plus, I can't read Latin! Who reads Latin? Who are these nerds who just KNOW how to speak Latin?! Was this a prerequisite for joining a choir?

Clearly not, as I somehow snuck in.

Dona nobis pacem.
Ya, take THAT!

Also, I would really like to just stay home/stay up and geek out, stress-free on my computer and website.

I need some down time.

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:: Sunday, October 16, 2005 ::
Today I went to look at townhouse-style condos out in King West (Liberty Village). Wow, are they ever building a lot out there right now.

It's kind of cool, because it's a bit of an old factory district that's being slowly refurbished and a lot of interactive companies have set up shop there. So it's up-and-coming. But there's a not a lot there yet. And what is there can get a bit scary.

Of course, I'm a total scaredy-baby.

However, even a condo is almost outside my reach there.
Why does real estate in Toronto cost so much? Very depressing.

And then I visited my friend Steph in Aurora to see her and her new(ish) baby, Charlotte. I finally delivered her baby quilt to her. She loved it - YAY, all that work was worth it! - and we had a nice chat about real estate. It's so much cheaper to live outside the city.


But my life would be so different. And I would need to buy a car.

I refuse!

So I think that means I have to buy a cheap-ass condo. So a-looking I will go...

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