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:: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 ::
Tonight the Blue Jays lost.


But at least the best fans were sitting in the second row along the foul line, section 113. Jaap enjoyed his first visit to the SkyDome, aside from the fake grass. The fake grass really bothered him. Poor baby.

We had a good time though. He helped our friend Rhonda move today and they came together to the game. Rhonda got some last-minute tickets for free and was able to sit with us.

We made our own fun as I tried the 2-finger-whistle and nearly passed out from the effort.

And now off to bed and the boring part of my life where migraines lurk...

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:: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 ::
Today was the first day for my first employee. I am a real manager again.

I tried for so long to get some help, campaigning so that I could work normal hours and yet still accomplish the bare minimum. Finally, after a full proposal, I got approval. I wrote up job descriptions, read endless resumes, interviewed.

And today? I spent all my time making sure she was OK, teaching her things, explaining processes and feeling I wasn't able to do the things I should be doing.
So when does it get easier?

Yes, I know that training takes time. I know it takes patience and I understand that it's an art form.

But can you blame me for wanting to just say "Hi - do that"?
And then it's done magically, perfectly.

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