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:: Monday, May 30, 2005 ::
Here I am in Lisse, Netherlands after an adventurous day today.

Weīve been staying with momīs cousins here, which has been wonderful. They are so kind! They took us on a beautiful bike ride to the beach on our first day here (which we needed to stay awake after being awake for 30 hours straight). The hardest part for me was staying awake while we visited my momīs uncle and aunt who only speak Dutch.

Then we went for a BBQ at another cousinīs house before I finally started to crash. We slept for over 10 hours.

Sunday, we drove to Scheveningen - a beach town south of Amsterdam. We had a look at all the sand sculptures and walked along the famous boardwalk and watched some fool bungy jump.

We drove to Den Haag and saw the Panarama by Mesdag, which was an amazing complete 360° view of Scheveningen. It was so realistic! We also saw the parliament buildings and a lot of really old beautiful architecture.

Today, we went to Aalsmeer to see the flower auction. It was amazing to see so many flowers. Afterwards, it was raining so mom and I decided to take the train to Amsterdam. There, it rained and was cold and we lost our train tickets and broke our umbrella and the museum we wanted to go to was closed and then the phone card I bought wouldnīt work and then the phone number I was using to get picked up didnīt work and it was a bit of a comedy of errors. But weīre home now and off to Zwolle tomorrow. WHEW!

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