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:: Saturday, January 15, 2005 ::
Went to the Women's Health Matters Forum and Expo yesterday.

I went to two really interesting seminars: one about the media's coverage of women's health issues and one about relationships.

What I got out of the media panel discussion was that conventional media's hands are tied by the conventions of their medium. In TV and radio's case, it's about the milisecond sound-bite. Similarly, in newsprint, it's brevity, although it does offer a little more depth. Magazines, my specialty and personal love, often offer even more, but even so they can't be everything to everyone. They still need to deliver information that is palatable to the consumer, meaning a low reading level and an even lower understanding of science and medecine. Which is all very frustrating for the many women who crave indepth intelligent coverage and discussion of somewhat complicated health issues.

All the media figures pointed to the internet as a great source for this type of information. I was so proud of what I do, since I know that the information my company does is written by people who actually understand the issues, not just a regular journalist who happens upon a convincing press release.

I feel even more the importance of what I do: leading the direction of about 90% of Canada's online health information.

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:: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 ::
So last night I decided to try something new.

I joined the Ryerson Choir. My friend Tree has been a member for a while now and she invited me to come out.

So I thought, well, I love to sing, and she assured me it wasn't that hard... why not?

I recruited my friend Jessica, who also loves singing. I figured, great, at least I won't be a rookie on my own.

So we get there, and the choir master, made us sing in front of everyone. I thought I would die. I'm sure you're thinking "but if you're joining a choir, clearly you must like singing in front of people." But think about it. A choir means many people's voices are smooshed together so no one can tell which one is you.

There was no hiding in this room.
Do the scale, do it right, or "you're fired!"

So I'm feeling some butterflies smashing into my ribcage. Perhaps a few birds fluttering up against my heart and pecking my lungs out. Nothing serious. A drop of sweat trickles down my temple.

Jess sings.
God, she is GOOD. Damnit. She's been in a choir before.

I sing.
Oh, was that me? Is there an animal living down there? The high notes stick in my throat. OH god, oh god.

And then he tells me to go sit with the sopranos.
The sopranos, for goddessakes!

I buy the music book and sit between Tree and Jess (also sopranos, damn them). The piano starts.

They sing. I site there with my mouth hanging open.
I can't read music!
They're all reading music!

Crap. It's all over for me, I'm thinking. They're going to kick me out unless I produce some sound.

So I make a sound. And quickly stop as it reaches my ear. Ooooh, not good. Did that croak come out my MY mouth?

I learn to mouth the words.

Next week: Mouth the words with passion.

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:: Monday, January 10, 2005 ::
Had a lovely ski trip with my mom on the weekend at Hockley Valley.

I think I'm going to buy my own second-hand equipment. Otherwise, this skiing thing gets bloody expensive!!

I also bought my tickets to Calgary for April 1st for my big family ski trip. All the airlines (JetsGo, WestJet and Tango) are having these great sales on now, so we got pretty good flight prices. Very very excited about my cool ski vacation!

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