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:: Friday, December 24, 2004 ::
Happy Holidays to all the people I love the most - especially those that are far away that I can't hug or talk to directly.

Just know that I'm thinking about you and wishing you all the best.

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Last night was the first night of Christmas.

Alex and I went out for dinner at the Rivoli and had the city's best chicken satay and I had yummy ahi tuna. MMM.

I got lots of good loot!
  • Lindors
  • mini massager
  • warm soft blanket
  • Air CD
  • beautiful frame with our photo and a hint on the next present:
  • trip to Stratford in April!

    And he got some good stuff too.
  • Sarah McLachlan tickets (may)
  • mattress pad
  • maid service

    I don't think we need any more presents.

    And today Will is picking me up to go to my parents' place. I cannot wait!!

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    :: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 ::
    Dear Santa,

    I don't really want much for Christmas. Except a month of vacation time, which I'm not going to get.

    So if you're going to slip something under the tree for me, I'be been an awful good girl...

  • manicure, pedicure, massage, general princess-treatment
  • a lovely apartment close to work by myself
  • theatre tickets
  • an interior designer to decorate my apartment
  • the perfect black boots
  • the perfect presents for the people I love (too late, I already got em)
  • a really horrible tree that we get to over-dress with tacky tinsel and bulbs
  • a bathroom rug
  • someone to pick up the free TV that's been offered to me
  • someone to help me clean my apartment
  • a personal chef
  • David Gray CD
  • no more migraines
  • a great haircut
  • Winners
  • quality time with my family

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    I can't believe that Christmas is coming up so quickly.

    Yesterday I was "home" sick, having stayed at Alex's all weekend while he was away doing wedding stuff for his best friend Mike. I went to the wedding on Sunday night. Made the mistake of having some wine and BAM! That was it. I thought I was going to die.

    So it's an even shorter week at work. I'll have half of Friday off and go home in time to decorate our Christmas tree and go to church on Christmas Eve.

    And then - that's it!!
    A full week of hanging around the wood stove, drinking tea, reading a book with a cat fast asleep in my lap. I can't wait.

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