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:: Saturday, May 22, 2004 ::
Saw Troy last night.

Thank goddess I heard a review on the bus yesterday. The woman said it was awful. Specifically, that Brad Pitt was awful.

That meant I had low expectations. So I liked it.
It was pretty good. Lots of very well tuned male bodies. Brad wasn't THAT horrible. I mean, I wouldn't say he was GOOD, but I think he chose a way to portray Achilles that made other people think he was bad. I think he played Achilles as a conflicted playboy hero, disaffected by everything around him. I think it came through alright.

Eric Bana was excellent, but then, his character afforded him that.

My boyfriend in another life, Orlando Bloom, fit the character of Paris quite well. A weak, kind of spoiled, pretty boy. But he was otherwise unremarkable. I mean, it's not like he was playing an ELF. Although he did get to shoot more arrows. Which is kinda sexy.

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:: Friday, May 21, 2004 ::
So, what's everyone doing on their long weekend?

I'm not really sure why we celebrate Victoria Day, but I'm just happy that it gives us a day off. So, yay, Victoria. We're talking about the city, right?

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So, at some stage Blogger added Comments to their offering and I didn't even enable it. Well, we'll fix THAT!


Um. Or maybe not....
~runs to check "settings"~

OK, how about now?


Wow, this is getting embarassing. Just pretend I didn't say anything.

Nothing happening here. Move along. Nothing to see here!

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:: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 ::
Goodness, has it really been THAT long since I last posted a blog? I am totally fired from my own site!

Seriously, what happened?!

Well, in my defence, I got a bunch of projects at work, so now I'm busy busy project managing the heck out of 'em. So far, so good.

AND I only had ONE cup of tea today!
That just goes to show you how busy I was. Lately, I've been a 3-4 cup girl, and even was mixin' it up with some coffee at work. Those were desperate times, I tell ya!

This weekend, I move into my new place at Bayview and Sheppard! Originally, since it IS the May 2-4 long weekend, I was going to go to Ottawa. But the gods were against me and alas, it is just NOT going to happen. Which is probably for the best, as I feel like I really need to just relax and do all the errands that I've been meaning to do (like cut my hair, for goddessakes!) and get together with my friends again.

I love my friends.
Had a BBQ last weekend with Scott and Kat of RaptorBlog fame. Everything was perfect: the weather, the Lick's burgers, the margueritas, the company. I felt very suburban.

Managed to get together with Tanya on Monday. It was such a nice night. We just walked around the Beaches area, even sat on the pier. Had a great talk.

It's amazing how you can be away from someone for so long, get back together and it's just like old times after about 2 minutes. I guess that's what friendship is all about. To be fair, it has a lot to do with me and the better mood that I'm in these days. I'm in love with the world....

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Another night of beach volleyball, another night of gold medal whoop-ass.

Yes, we won all our games!
Yes, we won one of them 25-6.
Yes, we're in the B-league (ahem).

Still, we have fun!
I'm really quite bad and try to make up for it by being the most fun. I try to keep our mind's off the times when we might be sucking and celebrate when we're really cleaning up. I try to keep it light and maybe a bit ridiculous.

After the games, we all go out to the pub and make merry. Last week, I legitimately forgot my wallet. This time, I left it at home in an effort to be able to pay back my mom someday soon. I figured I would eat when I got home. But I was all about the socializing bit.

Even so, everyone else gave me a couple fries here, a chicken wing there, a scrumptious tidbit of ribs, the left-over coleslaw. And suddenly, I felt like I'd eaten TWO meals!

Picked up a new boyfriend at the pub. He's a server there and he doesn't exactly KNOW he's my boyfriend yet, but that's not really important. When it comes to boyfriends, sometimes it's best that they don't know; otherwise, they have a tendency to mess it up.

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