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:: Saturday, February 28, 2004 ::
Last day in Fremantle. Heading to Cottesloe Beach for the finale of the Perth International Arts Festival.

I'm going with a German girl from my room that I've been chatting with for hours and hours. There's another woman in our room and we three can't stop talking about all sorts of things. Last night, we talked for over 6 hours!

I might also meet up with Natalie, a girl from my hostel in Perth, who will also be on my tour north to Exmouth that starts tomorrow morning. I'm excited about my tour, but hope that I'll stop being friggin sick someday really soon!

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:: Friday, February 27, 2004 ::

Somedays I love being me. Today, it's because I treated myself to a half day at the spa! I was plucked, cleansed, steamed, buffed and polished, moisturized and massaged. It was the greatest.

I was so relaxed, I nearly fell asleep! And it was all quite cheap, too!

The YHA in Freo is a little, shall we say, worn and it seems that everyone there smokes and all the cigarette smokes blows into the main part of the hostel and it stinks. However, I have met some really interesting people and I'm relatively happy, despite initial disappointment.

I met the girl who runs the same AIDS art exhibit that I saw in Perth. And a woman in my room held court last night about how women allow men to treat them badly, and how they need to let men understand their boundaries early on, so that it sets the standard for their relationship. Otherwise, when they are allowed to treat a woman horribly, they lose respect for them.

I am guilty of allowing past boyfriends to walk all over me, for sure, but I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to tell people when they hurt my feelings. It's a difficult thing to do sometimes, but clearly necessary as they often do not know when they've done it. It's one of those things that has begun to change in me and I hope that I can carry it home with me.

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:: Thursday, February 26, 2004 ::
Update on Jaap and his car:

He sold the Audi! And since he doesn't post anymore, here's what he had to say about the whole transaction:
"I sold it to a crazy Scotsman. What an idiot. But thanks for the idiot. He
gave me 2400 dollars for the car. That was the price that I asked for it. He didn't wanna talk about the price. Idiot."
Jaap makes me laugh. He lives to complain. But YAY for him! And now he's back in Australia, with more months left to go than I have. Lucky guy! And he also carries the coveted sweater that I left in Auckland. Just like Frodo...

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Have just checked out of The Witch's Hat, my hostel in Perth, and will soon be on my way to Fremantle. Of course, now I have doubts and wonder if perhaps I should have stayed in Cottesloe Beach instead (if it's nighttime in Cottesloe, you can check this out instead).

I'm still feeling pretty sick, although it could be the medication I'm taking. My glands are still swollen, and maybe I just need to hang out on the beach for a couple of days. Which is actually the plan.

I'm taking off north on Monday, heading to Shark Bay (another World Heritage Area) and then Exmouth (near the Ningaloo Reef). North=hot. I mean, hottER. Yikes. I'd originally planned to go to Broome, which is further north and supposed to have beautiful beaches, but I looked at the forecast and they are covered in thunderstorms at the moment (for the next week at least), so I decided that it wasn't worth it.

A little trivia:
Did you know that WA has a population of 1,851,252 and that most of those people live in Perth (1,176,542 people as of 2001)? That's mostly because much of the state is desert. But probably they are also just here to see me. They knew I was coming...

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So I've been kind of busy. I know, I know, the doctor told me to take it easy. So I did. I was only going to go to this matinee showing of Live Acts on Stage (I know, it sounds dirty).

So I got a ticket and it was an excellent show; a modern telling of the mythology of Orpheus. With a lot of nudity and coarse language - hoorah! The funny thing is, there were plenty of well-muscled near-naked men on stage and I couldn't stop looking at Orpheus (the only bald, clothed one, really) because of his beautiful eyes.

Then I went to the shore and did a walk along the water as the sun set. It was lovey. I did it mostly because it was so hot out and it's much cooler and there's a wind down by the water.

Then I walked to the PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) and saw an interesting/odd exhibit that I don't think I can explain. Suffice it to say that one piece was a Starship Enterprise bong. Ya.

Had a bad night last night. Couldn't sleep. Felt like crap. Ugh.

Today, I went to the Museum and saw the exhibit "Spin" which showcases a history of WA music. I collected an excellent list of good bands including the Waifs and You Am I. Also saw a really horrible video by a heavy metal band, Allegiance. The song? "Your Death is my Reward." Nice.

Then walked to King's Park to get a lovely view of the city and watch the sunset. And walked back. So nice.

Tomorrow: Fremantle.

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:: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 ::
Yesterday I saw the movie House of Sand and Fog.

Outstanding movie. I cried my eyes out!

To me, it was all about good, well-meaning people who are tragically misguided. It made me realize how important it is to understand another's side of the story -- and there is always another side to the story that is just as valid as your own. It also reminded me how little material possessions really mean. It is our relationships that make life worth living. Everything else is gravy.

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HOT. 34 degrees.

The weather promises to be "sultry" for the weekend, which is actually OK, since I plan to be staying in Fremantle, near the beach. So that's where I plan to hang out all day. Swim, read, swim, read, swim, sleep, swim.

Monday, when I have booked a tour heading north, the heat is supposed to break a little, with the promise of a shower in the evening. Hrmph. I'm HOPING that it won't rain wherever I am.

I'm excited about my trip! It's a smaller company and the tour is an extra day longer than most others, for the same price!

I'm sure that I'll be feeling better by Monday! Especially with all the R+R that I've been enjoying. It's actually feeling like a real holiday. Until I get bored, of course.

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:: Monday, February 23, 2004 ::
33 degrees.

Yep, I'm sweating. The trick is to wear as little as possible without having people stare at you.

The bright sun here makes everything seem so much brighter. The flowers shriek the colours against the white stone fences. And the sky seems so much bigger here. Perhaps it is the unending impossible blue.

I have been to the doctor who told me I should not do anything for a week. Just sleep, eat good, wholesome food, and relax. So I've been looking up things to do during my relaxation week here in Perth so that I won't get bored. The problem is that I don't have anyone to do these fun things with. Which makes it all a little bit more boring.

Yesterday I went to the Art Gallery for an hour. It was all my exhausted legs could handle. Some really great exhibits on at the moment. And air conditioned.

This afternoon? The Cinema and maybe the museum.
I've had lots of sleep, so maybe I can make it through the afternoon if I don't go too far...

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:: Sunday, February 22, 2004 ::
It's official. I'm sick.

So sick, my skin hurts.

I probably have the flu or something. Again. I'm just hoping it's not Ross River virus.

All this and my inability to make a decision regarding travel plans means that I'm in Perth for a little while longer. Still not sure how long. I'll probably leave this week and head north.

At least I've met some nice people at my hostel.

My hostel is nice, but unfortunately, the washing machine made my laundry even more dirty than before. It's just not fair!!

At least I don't have an appetite, so I might lose some of the 5kg that I've gained...
Well, one can dream anyway.

Also should mention that poor Jaap is having troubles selling his car. He ran into a wall because he was talking to a pretty girl instead of paying attention to driving (hey, if that's the reason, this should have happened WEEKS ago!). So now his car is even worse off. And someone told him that the car market is full so he can't sell his car there as he'd planned.

The poor guy is absolutely LOST without me!
If anyone has any ideas to help him out, please email him at

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I am in love. With Perth. And Fremantle.

Spent the day in Fremantle. Went to the markets, bought some nice fruit and good bread. Will have strawberry sandwiches for dinner tonight. Sadly, the strawberries aren't as good as the ones Jaap and I picked near Nelson (South Island, NZ). But they'll do.

Also went to the Arts Centre in Fremantle and saw a Tibetan Monk exhibit... in fact watched the Tibetan monk do his sand "paintings". Very cool. Then there was an outdoor concert in the courtyard, so I stayed for that as well. The weather was as near to perfect as there is.

Had some lovely food, enjoyed a busker performance and wandered around the waterfront, looked at the boats, watched the sun going down, walked to The Round House (ya, well, it's old and, um, round) and all over the place and now I'm back in Perth City.

And all it cost me was $3 for the half-hour train trip each way!

But it was weird, not having anyone with me to share it. Still, it meant I could take as long as I wanted in the bathing suit shop (I finally bought myself a new pair of bather-bottoms after losing one-half of my suit in Darwin). And I did enjoy watching people.

I love having time to just reflect.
Sometimes I want to cry for all the beauty in the world.

And apparently, there is some insect here that is in love with me. It can't keeps it's jaws off me and is leaving huge angry, itchy welts all over my body. Goodness, I wish I weren't so sweet!

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