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:: Friday, February 20, 2004 ::
OK, have changed hostels and am now at The Witch's Hat, which is nicer, but still not great. It's also a little further away from the city. Oh well, I needed to walk more anyway.

Speaking of which, I'd already done about half of the city walking tour by 9am today. That's what happens when you wake up at 6am. And that's what happens when you go to bed at 10pm and sleep like the dead.

I had a nice, free breakfast, walked around, checking out hostels, checking out of my hostel and into a new one and then came back to the OLD hostel for a second breakfast.

Ha, yes, I'm cheap. But it was also much easier that way.

But I also managed to miss the street performance that I wanted to catch (part of the International Arts Festival going on right now here).

Oh well. I should figure out what I want to do while I'm here in Western Australia. I'm sure the month will pass just as quickly as my month in New Zealand.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to the Freemantle Markets.
Today, maybe I should go out and enjoy the lovely weather (25 degrees and sunny - perfect).

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So I've left Auckland, City of Sails, and am now in Perth. Staying at a crap hostel. But so tired that I'm almost falling asleep on my feet when I stand still too long.

Who thought that less than 4 hours of sleep would be a good idea?

Well, I thought that I'd catch up on sleep on the plane. Didn't happen. Got a 1/2 hour, tops.

It's quite warm here, but I'm disappointed that the guy who I was going to stay with has not responded yet to my email. Ah, men. You just can't trust 'em.

OK, you can trust some of them some of the time. Jaap was nice enough to drive me to the airport this afternoon. It was kind of sad saying goodbye. But I know we'll meet again, whether in Australia or elsewhere. Still, I miss my travel partner already. Don't tell him I said that.

Actually, Jaap just emailed me to tell me that he needs me; he's lost without me. Literally. He got lost on the way home from the airport. Guess I was a good navigator afterall! Well, a girl's gotta be good at something, right?

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:: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 ::
Today is girlie day!

I painted my nails last night and blow-dried my hair today and am wearing a pretty skirt! YAY!

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Interesting about New Zealand:

* their $1-coins look like AUS$2-coins and NZ$2-coins look like AUS$1-coins
* got over $100 stolen from my hostel in Whitianga. Sad. But it's usually quite safe
* lots of sheep. It's not just a joke afterall
* they say "bro" a lot and "eh" just like Canadians (but with a Kiwi accent)
* it rains a lot. Even though they SAY this is not normal for this time of year...
* very friendly, more small towns
* they have a lot of wildflowers everywhere!
* they love love love to make fun of Aussies (much like Canada vs. USA)

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I've sold my NZ SIM card (the card for my mobile phone for NZ) so don't try to call me on it anymore! I was lucky as there were some English girls who were just starting out on their trip. So they now have my phone number.

Jaap and I went to the mechanic to see about his ever-so-slightly-damaged window (it won't roll up/down automatically) and it will probably be expensive to fix it. He's really sad about it, so send him a nice email to cheer him up if you have time. I'm also leaving NZ tomorrow, so on top of his car woes, he'll be sorely missing the sunshine in his life. ;)

But maybe we'll meet up in Western Australia next month. It all depends on if he has money or not.

Tonight I'll meet up with a friend that I used to work with at GE. He's living in Auckland now and it'll be nice to see him one last time and have some bon voyage drinks before I leave tomorrow afternoon for Perth.

I can't believe the time has gone so quickly.
Only one more month before I'm home!

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:: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 ::
OK, I've been away in Whitianga, in The Coromandel, where Internet access is extravagantly expensive.

We stayed at The Cat's Pyjamas and thankfully stayed in the hostel instead of in the tent, as it poured. And the hostel had all sorts of jigsaw puzzles, so Jaap and I made three puzzles during our stay. (I love puzzles!)

We managed to get to Hot Water Beach early enough on Monday to get our own perfect spot to dig in the sand. The trick is, you find a spot and dig down to the water and the water is geothermically heated in certain places. So we had our own little "spa" (that's what they call a hottub here).

It started to get annoying when all the other tourists who arrived later (you have to catch it at the right tide times) wanted to jump in our little pool.

"Is it really hot?" they asked, dipping their feet in and destroying our walls of sand.
Sigh. Shocking.

So we left after a couple of hours and went Bone Carving where I carved my own fish hook pendant. Actually, I did two carvings, but the other is a surprise.

We were going to leave the next day, but the weather was so great (for once) that we decided to go to Cathedral Cove with our new friend, Kim. It's only a short drive and walk down to the beach and it was just breathtaking. So was the water, it was that cold!

We ended up going out last night with people from the Magic Bus and of course I drank too much and now I have a horrible hangover and it's all Jaap's fault. I was so sick this morning, that I missed the entire scenic drive from Whitianga to Auckland, curled up on the back seat. To get back at him, I broke his car window. HA, take that!

Thankfully, Burger King heals all wounds.
Now we're staying in a LOVELY hostel, Bamber House. It's like staying in someone's home. Someone's very CLEAN home, mind you.

So I'm happy again. Burger King, nice place and cheap internet. Yay!

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