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:: Thursday, January 08, 2004 ::
My last day at work will be Monday. A bit sad. It's all happening so fast!

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:: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 ::
Raining in Melbourne.

Well, at least we had a whole two weeks of sun!

Starting to freak out about travel plans. As I always do. Turns out I can't fly back to Melbourne from Adelaide (well, I can but it's expensive) so I'm taking the Firefly Express overnight again. At least, that's the new plan.

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Have been happily geeking out all night on the computer that David set up for me here at Scott's place.

So I have three screens in front of me, all the programs I need, and MP3s at my disposal. I'm a happy nerd. Except for the slow Internet connection.

I have so much more to do. So I guess I'll be spending a Friday night in the sexy blue glare of the almighty screen!

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:: Monday, January 05, 2004 ::
Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

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So here I sit, bawling my eyes out, following an email from Kendra about how she loves Matt, bought a car and misses me falling asleep on the floor after just waking up. And she's encouraging me to go make out with some hottie with an Aussie accent.

And she's reminded me that I have to ask David if he likes bacon grease.

How can it make me so sad/happy that I've just eaten ice cream for dinner in honour of us?

It's been such an emotional day.

I have just found out that my grandfather died. He was a great man. Always ready with a joke. Always dropping hints about someone getting him coffee and a piece of cake. I remember him drinking Napoleon and playing cards with the boys at the table. I remember the arguments he used to pick with my mother and laugh and wink when she took the bait. I remember him taking me and my sister with him to his club to play cards and do puzzles. I remember the petting zoo he took us to on one of his impromptu Sunday drives.

And now he is gone and I don't feel like I got to say goodbye.

He was 92 and very ill and they say that he didn't suffer much and I'm glad for that. And I know I should be glad for many things. But instead I feel sick and slightly unreal because I'm not there.

But at least I can tell you about the good things that I remember about him. And hope that it will inspire you to call your grandparents right now just to see how they're doing.

It only takes a minute.
And it means that your stupid Christmas card from Australia won't be the last they heard from you, if they got it at all.

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:: Sunday, January 04, 2004 ::
I went DRIVING on the weekend! David let me drive his car in some little back streets with little traffic. So I've now driven on the wrong side of the road AND used a round-about!

How exciting is THAT?

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I bought my ticket to New Zealand on Friday.

I leave on January 20th for Christchurch in the South Island.

I leave Melbourne to travel the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide on January 16th with my friend Karen. Then I return to Melbourne for one night before taking off to New Zealand for a month.

I travel around NZ for a month and then fly to Perth on February 20th.

Excited and sad at the same time, as I don't really want to leave Melbourne or the friends I've made here. However, I suppose if they are real friends, they will always be friends and I will never be leaving them behind... they will be with me always.

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