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:: Saturday, November 01, 2003 ::
It seems that every time I post, I have the equivalent of a novel to write about. Believe me, I really AM trying to keep it short...

Friday night was interesting.

Went out after work with workmates to our local pub, as usual. Even managed to get my neighbour, David, to come too (who also chivalrously lent me his umbrella for the weekend).

One by one, they all dwindled away until it was just the die-hards: me, Seph and Tom (all having an all-too-interesting chat about cookies, I might add).

Since it was Seph's birthday, we moved on to his venue of choice: some pub in St. Kilda. It was packed in there, but we met some of his friends and I drank MORE red wine (which I have discovered I CAN drink, afterall) and of course spilled much of it down the front of my white shirt.

More allusions to cookies.

I finally realized it was time to go home at midnight but all the trams would have stopped before I could get all the way home to Brunswick West. Seph gallantly paid for a cab ride home for me and decided that he needed to escort me to safety... I don't think he realized just how far it was in the suburbs. Poor dear. I explained it to him several times. He just kept asking me : "Where are we?"

Unfortunately, I woke up Saturday morning with a bit of a hangover and dissatisfied with my quantity of sleep.

But I was off to work at Flemington, where all the horse racing for the Melbourne Cup Carnival is happening.

I spent 45 minutes just looking for my work venue. What a huge place! And Peter Rowland caters so many areas of it: from Tooheys beer tents for the masses to champagne-and-strawberries for the well-heeled. I happened to be in the "Bird Cage" with all the corporate functions and beautiful people.

I'm pretty sure I saw many famous people, only I had no idea who they were.

I served much alcohol and even more yummy food to ladies in pretty dresses and ridiculous hats and men in suits from 9:30-6:30pm when the heavens finally opened up on us and they decided I could leave... It just means that I was thankful for the aforementioned umbrella.

On the way home, Scott rang my mobile and got me to turn around and come back into the city so we could go out for dinner in St. Kilda with his guests Kai and Nicole.

We ended up at a fantastic nouveau-Mexican restaurant, Bluecorn, and I had a lovely prawn/roasted corn fajita with mango chutney. Ohmygosh, so good!

But by this time, it was midnight and again all trams had stopped running to Brunswick West, so I stayed at Scott's place.

But not before stopping off at the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex. What a cool place! Now I know where I can go shopping almost 24-hours a day, not to mention play video games, eat, watch movies, dance and gamble.

Today I'm meeting up with Wynsomme and Juris (whom I stayed with for a week on the Gold Coast in August) and their son Nik. They're in town for the Melbourne Cup and I'm so excited to see them again!

Even though it is raining yet again today... but one never knows in Melbourne. Four seasons in a day. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes... oh look! Here comes the sun...

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:: Thursday, October 30, 2003 ::
Had my day off yesterday.

It was good, in that I got to sleep in, finally, but a little disappointing. I didn't get enough accomplished as I'd wanted to.

My haircut and pedicure took a little long so I only got an hour to shop on Bridge Road.

I did make it to my swing class and learned more of the Charleston. I am a total expert now! Went back to Scott's place afterwards just to teach him the new step (he'd gotten held up at work). His guests were impressed with our dancing abilities.

I'm impressed too.
Next step: dance teacher!

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:: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 ::
Have discovered that I will need about $4000 in order to complete my travels. That means that I will almost definately be in Melbourne for Christmas and New Years.

This is OK, since I like Melbourne a lot anyway.

I'm moving house tonight. Going to live in Brunswick West with Jill, a friend from Toronto who's now doing her MBA here. Scott has guests for the next little while, so Jill said it would be OK for me to stay with her.

Also, I found out where the free Pilates/Yoga classes are this week. However, I might be a little too sick to take advantage of them.

Excited about my day off tomorrow.
  • haircut
  • manicure/pedicure
  • outlet shopping
  • shoe shopping
  • yoga


    Also, I found out that my friend Scott, who writes RaptorBlog, has just gotten engaged! Congrats to them!

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    :: Monday, October 27, 2003 ::
    Due to DayLight Savings, the time difference between me and home has changed. I'm now 16 hours ahead of everyone.

    If you're ever in doubt, just click here to work it out.

    PS: I'm in the state of Victoria now.

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    Have discovered PhotoPic. Thinking of using it for my photos so that I'll stop using up all my server space.


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    I've had better days.

    Still have the flu. Still at work.

    Yesterday, though, I did get a ride from my neighbour David to the Royal Botanical Gardens where I had to pick up my shifts for the Melbourne Cup week.

    Found out that I have conflicting shifts for Peter Rowland and GE, so I have to sort that out.

    I did manage to get a little lost, though, and ended up taking a nice walk, though I was a little too feverish to really enjoy it.

    Managed to get back in time just as the store I wanted to shop at was closed. Fantastic.

    Then I though, well, why don't I get money, since I owe Scott for the Great Ocean Road trip that I bought at the travel auction last week?

    Good idea, except that I forgot my passcode and entered it wrong 3 times! Now I'm locked out of my account for 24 hours. Sigh.

    And on top of it all, I can't find the Pilates/Yoga Studio that's supposed to be having an open week of classes this week. Double sigh.

    Finally I went home to eat the lamb stew that I'd made the day before and finally appreciated how crunchy brown rice can be, even after cooking it for over an hour.

    But at least I found out that my friend Lee sings opera and says she will teach me how to sing. And David gave me chocolate.

    Unfortunately, the weather forecast is 15-17 degrees and cloudy for the whole week. Damn Melbourne's spring weather.

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    :: Sunday, October 26, 2003 ::
    Well, I'd like to say I feel better, but I'd be kind of lying.

    I mean, I'm not hung over, but I think I have the flu.

    Left work early on Saturday. Had fallen asleep at my desk and my stomach was threatening to rebel.

    By the time I got home at noon, everyone else was still asleep. (Forgot to mention that Scott had again invited my friends over after the bar on Friday.)

    Tried to go back to sleep, but Seph (workmate) convinced me to get up so he could take me out for breakfast. Which was probably a good idea. Except for the part where I started to get a migraine.

    Went home for a nap, only to get up for my catering shift at the Port Melbourne Yacht Club at 6pm. Worked all night there. Clearly, hangovers are attractive, as I believe every single man there was hitting on me.

    Met a couple on the tram home who couldn't figure out the ticketing machine, so I helped them out and gave them a dollar to pay for their ride. It made me feel like a good samaritan.

    Sunday, I went to the Lygon Street Festival (an Italian street festival). Scott and I bought some comedy show tickets for us and our closest 10 friends - well, my 10 closest friends, as Scott doesn't really have any. ;)

    Then we stopped for a lovely strong coffee and bruschetta in a sidewalk cafe. It was difficult to keep myself out of all the lovely clothing shops, but I managed.

    On my day off (Thursday) I'm going to get my long-awaited haircut and go shopping on Bridge Road (where everyone tells me all the factory outlets are).

    Can't wait to buy a new white shirt and shoes!

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