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:: Thursday, June 26, 2003 ::

I just saw Jacek Koman play Macbeth.

Ya, Jacek Koman, The Unconscious Argentinean, from Moulin Rouge.

Today, I'm the coolest person I know.

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things can only get better
times change better later than never
-small faces

I decided that I hadn't done enough fun things this week. So I went with Andrea to the Sydney Fish Markets. And then to North Sydney to the Belgian Beer Cafe. And tonight, I'm going to see Macbeth at the Belvoir Theatre thanks to HalfTix.

Still no roommate.

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:: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 ::
Last night, had dinner with Sonal at Wagamama's on King St. Wharf. It was yummy and the company was even better. Although I'm pretty sure I talked too much. So what else is new.

Today it's raining and cold and I forgot my umbrella at the Plain's house.

Guess I'd better eat that almond croissant that I brought home from the Coffee Roaster. I think I've earned it after working 7am-6pm and then doing two classes at the gym.

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:: Monday, June 23, 2003 ::
Well, Marilyn ducked out at the last minute. She wasn't even going to call me. I had to call twice to get a hold of her, only to hear that she'd changed her mind.

Ander and Jim told me that I should have been meaner to her on the phone, but it wouldn't have changed anything. I'm not going to try to convince her to be my roommate.

So, now the search begins again...

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No roommate yet.

I could worry that she hasn't called yet, or I could go to my Hard Core class at the gym. Well, maybe if I ignore the problem, it will go away. Good plan. Off to the gym, then.

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Just as Canadians say "eh", Aussies say "hey".

EG: "It's nice, hey?"

Very endearing.

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Last night, I swear someone called me at 2:30am. I thought I knew who it was, but Alex has denied it and has an airtight alibi. Now, I wonder if I was dreaming. But I really think I answered the phone and talked to a guy, but I was half asleep.

"Hi!" they said.
"Hi. It's 2:30 in the morning," I said.
"Oh," they said.
"I have to work tomorrow morning," I added. Boy, did I ever have to work in the morning. Quite early. Was I even awake?

Then we said goodbye. I was sure it was Alex, as he is notorious for calling me late at night.

Now I just want to know who it was, as I'm sure I'd be happy to hear from them.

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:: Sunday, June 22, 2003 ::
Had the day off yesterday. So I coloured my hair, went to the Glebe Markets (reminded me of Kensington) and then made a chinese dinner for my friends Andrea and Vancouverite Michelle.

Andrea made cookies, we drank 2 bottles of wine and then some liqueur and watched "About a Boy". Funny movie, great soundtrack.

Then I went out to Cohi Bar in Darling Harbour to celebrate Femke's last day in Sydney. She left this morning for NZ.

I should have a new roommate named Marilyn by tomorrow. Weird.

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