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:: Saturday, May 10, 2003 ::
I served two Kiwis who actually thought that I was French Canadian! The guy said my accent was a lot sweeter than an American accent. OK, I was flattered. It's the first nice thing that anyone's said about my accent. I'm under no illusions that I've got anything CLOSE to a sexy accent. So it was nice to think for just a moment that I actually have a "sweet" accent.

But, actually, I think everyone's favourite pastime here is making fun of Americans. At every opportunity.

Have I mentioned that I like my job at Melograno? My boss, Simon, is a sweetheart. He runs a good cafe. And he says I my eyes always look happy. (I've never pretended that I wasn't a sucker for a compliment.)

And when I'm off at 1:30pm, I can still get down to Darling Harbour and Chinatown while the sun is shining. Sometimes life is good. Especially when you know that you're going to see X-Men tonight! Hello Hugh!

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:: Thursday, May 08, 2003 ::
Today, I got a job at The Coffee Roaster. Met the lovely, friendly Joanne. Loved the place, loved the people. Immediately. Yay!

Also walked up to Royal Botanical Gardens again, like I said I would. Walked out to the Mrs. Macqueries Point. Beautiful. Wrote.

Went out to Randwick for lovely Thai food. Oh so good. Then on to a nearby pub for some drinks. Had a really nice time. Not feeling well, though. My throat is killing me!

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:: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 ::
Today, I took the ferry to Manly Beach.
Made a new friend, hung out on my first beach in Australia, had some drinks, ate some food, watched some rugby and a beautiful sunset.

All in all, a good day. I hope my photos come out.
Have not yet had a chance to put Alesha's photography advice to test, though.
Maybe tomorrow.

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:: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 ::
I am a good cook.

I think Kendra should know that I made fried rice tonight.

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I am a total sucker for an English accent.

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:: Monday, May 05, 2003 ::
In Australia, they do "try-outs" for waitressing jobs. I'm trying out at Melograno Cafe! If you'd like to read about the cafe a little, you can check out and search for "Melograno" or click on "Food>Cafes and Bistros on Oxford & to the South".

Simon and Tina are the owners and they are wonderful, kind people. The place is right around the corner from where I live. The customers are mostly sweet. A man came in, leaving his dog in the truck parked outside (as per law) was SO proud of himself for picking out that I'm from Canada. He proudly declared that he wanted to give me a tip... and presented me with a dollar.

"See?" He said loudly, "we DO tip here!"

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Went with Alesha to the Stables Theatre. Lots of nakedness. Interesting, odd play.

Went for Thai food afterwards, which was YUMMY. Alesha is off to Melbourne today, sadly. But she'll be back in a couple of weeks. Lovely girl.

Sunday, I was working at the Eastern Creek Raceway near Blacktown. Wow, was THAT horrible! At least it was only for one day. Coffee and donuts all day, but not allowed to eat any of it. Could've been worse, I suppose. Nasty gross unhygenic conditions, though. Made Dairy Queen look really good.

More in the journal later. Off to my try-out at the cafe around the corner!

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