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:: Saturday, May 03, 2003 ::
Last night, after posting to my journal, I went on a pub crawl with Alesha. Mars, Peppermint, DugOut, GoodBar and Touch bars. Met some interesting people. Some creepy ones too. Home at 5am. Awake at 9am with my roommate-visitors. Sigh. Tired.

Then got up to go with my friend Ed to the Surry Hills Festival and the Powerhouse Museum, which, for the record, Lonely Planet, is NOT free on the first Saturday of every month. Beautiful day, though. Sadly, spent half of it inside.

Got a lovely call from Alex. He also sent me some lovely emails lately that have inspired me to add more photos to my Aus/Sydney Travel section.

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Did I mention that our house is rumoured to have once been a transvestite brothel?

That would explain all the mirrors in our house. My walk-in closet is covered in mirrors... even one on the ceiling. Nowell's room is a tiny, windowless room off the living area (also covered in mirrors) and locks from the OUTSIDE with the indentation of what looks to have been a BAR across the outside of the door.

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:: Thursday, May 01, 2003 ::
Attention, please.

I have a job.

Sunday. All day. Near Blacktown, if you care, at the raceway. Temp work at a food counter.

And I have a try-out at the cafe around the corner on Tuesday at 10:30am. YAY!

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Corven suggested that I register:


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Just saw the movie Samsara with my new friend, Alesha from the Sunshine Coast.

Interesting movie. Very... sensual (the sort of movie that would have my mother up making tea every couple of minutes).

The vegetarian buffet dinner that you get along with the show was also incredibly good. Although not as good as the company! Alesha's great. Had some interesting photography advice for me... but that's a whole other story that you'll have to email me to find out about.

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:: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 ::
Just back from my run and yoga class.
I am on a HIGH.

I betcha I could WIN that arm wrestle right now. (The one I lost last night, for those who weren't at Scubar last night.)

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:: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 ::
The One Day of the Year was a fantastic play. The lead character, Nathaniel Dean, was hot-city and I got to meet him and ~gasp~ speak to him after the show. Sigh... Oh ya, and I learned a lot about Anzac Day.

Then I met up with Femke and her English friend, Warren, and his friends Bakes (James, actually, but he is "world famous" as Bakes so I am sworn to call him that), Ollie (a "legend"), Chris, Alex and I can't remember everyone's name. It was one of their friends' birthdays (Finnie?) so they celebrated with a bottle of champagne at Scubar. We danced and had a few drinks and closed the bar down.

Femke wanted to leave then, so Warren walked her home and the rest of us continued on to Scruffy's for a drink, where a live band was finishing its set. Bakes kindly ensured that I got home safely, even though I "bullied" him all night.

They're lovely, fun people. I'm glad I met them.

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:: Monday, April 28, 2003 ::
Thank you, HalfTix! I'm goin' to the theata!

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I have a bank account!
It's at the National Australia Bank. It took me a while to decide on a bank. They're all a rip-off, actually.

Unlike PC Financial!
<sales pitch> I miss my PC Financial account. Although, anytime I want I can log in to my online banking and get a balance, transfer funds, pay a bill... all for FREE! If I had 1-888-access from Australia, I'd be able to do it all by phone, as well. And it costs me NOTHING. Plus, they GIVE me free groceries. I mean, how good can it get? </sales pitch>

At National, and all other banks, really, you pay each time you request a balance, even on the phone or online! I get free deposits, ONLY. A withdrawal, even at their own ATMs, costs money. If you make a withdrawal in a branch, it costs even MORE. It's robbery. I get $6 worth of transactions a month. That means about 10 withdrawals or, if I do a balance enquiry or a money transfer or even ask a question, then I have less than 10.

But there are really no better options. Certainly nothing like PC Financial.
Woolworths has partnered with the Commonwealth Bank to offer an account. But how many Woolworths are there in New Zealand, or in outback Australia? And it's really not even close to the amazing deal that PC Financial offers.


I say that PC Financial needs to teach Woolworths a thing or two.
Maybe they need to come and TAKE OVER.

If they need a salesperson I'm their ready-and-willing servant. As always.

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:: Sunday, April 27, 2003 ::
I know that the Leafs lost. But I just wanted to report that I have been wearing the Leaf's jersey that my brother got me for Christmas every day.

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I took my own advice and decided to just get out there.

Friday was Anzac Day. When I woke up, I still wasn't sure what I was going to do with the day. AS I walked, however, it seemed fitting when I stumbled on the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. So I visited the museum inside (I had already missed the parade and memorial services, though everyone says that's boring anyway).

Went for a long walk around the city, had a coffee at Gloria Jeans, ended up down at Darling Harbour and found out when the next IMAX movie that I wanted to see was playing. Walked back up to Hyde Park to write in my journal, and was just doing so when Alex called. While we talked, all manner of wild animals passed by... bats overhead, a rat, a mouse... I decided to get up and walk. Which was nice until I stopped before the Pool of Reflection (in front of the Anzac Memorial) and an odd drunken man tried to strike up a conversation with me WHILE I was on the phone, by saying "So I guess you got the right one."

Ya, I don't know, either. I hurried away.

I got home in time to get to the gym for a quick run before heading off to Darling Harbour again for the Australia IMAX movie. I got a nice traveller's deal, although it was still too expensive for an HOUR! Beautiful film, though.

Outside, I caught a busker/street performer act... the crazy scot was juggling firebrands. And I do believe that Sydney is best viewed at night.

Back at home, I found my housemate Ander watching movies. I joined him for the riveting documentary: "Reversing Extinction: The Tasmanian Tiger." Well, it was interesting and fit in with my general goal of increasing my knowledge of Australia. Although I'm not sure that I'd recommend it to anyone at home. Except maybe my Dad. I think my Dad needs to get the Discovery Channel. He'd never video-geek again if he did.

Saturday, again I awoke not knowing what the day had in store. Ended up at Paddington Market... it was a lovely walk and a fantastic market, with all manner of artisans and home-grown products. A great place to buy souvenirs and clothes, if I had room in my pack :( But I instead bought a present for my housemate Kate's birthday. And got a nice Chinese massage. Lovely. Stopped in at a Photographic Arts museum and a bottle shop on the way home. Saturday was Kate's birthday party. Had a fantastic time - met heaps of people, several job leads, and made a date to go to Royal National Park next weekend.

Sunday was a bit of a write off, since it rained, rained, rained. All day. Poured, actually.
But I saw a good Aussie movie, "The Dish". I recommend it, although I think Sarah might be the only one who would actually watch it.

And now, it's monday morning and I'm getting back to work.
I'm looking forward to the X-Men release on Wednesday!

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