Sunday, February 24, 2008

The REAL Baby Shower Registry

Rockstar baby
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There is a fake registry full of crap at and you can go there if you want.

However, here's the stuff we REALLY want (aside, of course, from your undying love and attendance at our awesome co-ed baby showers):

  1. Valco Tri-Mode Stroller with the toddler seat and car seat adapter = $559.99 + free shipping (located in kitchener) = $560.00 (shipping?) toddler seat is $130 = $499.00 + free shipping
  2. Diapers - G-diapers - "starter kit" is $36.99, and refills are $19.99, available at Whole Foods in Oakville (not sure if other whole foods in ontario stock them.) (US website - Need up to 6 starter kits. I like brown, vanilla, orange, and green.
  3. Jolly Jumper – does not mount to the wall or door frames, allows middle of floor placement and adjustment to prolong use as baby grows. (Ask Tammy Abbott.)
  4. A Daphne seat ( We had already registered for a baby bath but this seat should fit into the kitchen sink.
  5. Baby Carrier Wrap/Sling – we have a baby Bjorn, but want the scarf wrap type thing… much like a sling.
  6. Umbrella Stroller – for practical use in malls and such.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tux Flux

So, since Matt didn't write about it, I feel it's my responsibility to report that we picked out the wedding party tuxes over the weekend.

Since Will was in the area for the weekend, Matt thought it would be a good time to go sort it out.

Tuxedo Royale has several locations, so we drove to Newmarket, where Matt's best man lives. We looked at some 2, 3 and 4-button models and decided 3-button ruled. We liked less pleats in the pants and a very subtle tone-on-tone pinstripe and a smaller lapel on the jacket.

Settled on the most expensive tux there. Of course.

There was a saleslady there who was excellent. I'm sure she steered us in the right direction.

Square toed, patent-leather shoes. Off-white (ivory) shirts. Champagne/taupe vests and ties and hankies (to match the bridesmaids' dresses).

Matt's hoping they don't have to have boutonnieres.

Done and done!

Since Matt wants to make sure that Kendra approves, he's having one sent to Guelph next week so that Kendra can see what it looks like.

Now, Matt's not allowed to see Kendra's dress. So how come SHE'S allowed to see HIS tux?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Type A personality

Every once in a while, i do enjoy the fact that the world is not as anal as I am.

Monday saw me storming off to the rental place, to rent the chairs for our ceremony (we thought about just making it a drum circle - but Matt's side of the family has no rhythm!). I was getting all ornary, as this task had been on Matt's To Do list for two months. So, off I go. All worried that everything will be booked, or that there won't be enough chairs left over for us, and we'll all have to sit on each others laps. And the girl says to me "I love it when someone comes in early to rent equipment". I'm thinking - "early?!" No sooner had i stepped aside from the counter, than does a lady come in wanting to rent a punch bowl for her party on that very day! And, I think to myself, did she just decide to have a large party today? No, I think she just decided that the perfect way to spend the day of her big party was to drive around Guelph, looking for a punch bowl.

"Chacun a son gout" as they say in the French readers.

How does the world function when there is no advanced planning? How do we get by when we don't know what we need for our daily activities? It seems to me that she would be the type of person to get into the shower, before realizing that she never brought her towel. And then go streaking up the stairs, dripping all the way, to get something to dry off with. She would have to run to the store three times, while making brownies, because she was out of ingredients.

Wow, the world should be more like me.

In any event. We had a dressmaking marathon last week. Jane and Ann came up, with sewing machines in tow, to work on my Gown. We drove to Hamilton to buy fabric, and drank coffee at the world's First Tim Horton's. Rather underwhelming. It was sew sew sew, cut cut cut, and fit fit fit. It is really incredible to watch Jane look at the dress, on me, and intuitively know what she needs to do to fix the part I am displeased with. She has even managed to keep snide remarks to herself when, after her labouring to make the dress hang a certain way, I change my mind. She is great. It is always great to watch genius at work. The dress is coming along well. I have thought of another reason that I am glad Jane is doing this for me - I would never have otherwise seen any of this process. I would never have been able to justify the un-godly price of most gowns (see? no capital letter for mortal gowns... just for my Gown). I now have no doubt that gowns are worth the price we pay for them. Given the number of hours it takes - I am sure that dressmakers clear about $2.30 an hour. If that. It has to be done for the love of the end product.

How sad it is that we never wear these concoctions again. All the work that goes into them, and we never allow ourselves the joy of wearing them (or, often, of ever seeing them) again. To my married readers: do you remember the feeling of putting your wedding dress on, the day of the wedding? When your hair was all arranged, and your make-up was beautiful. Do you remember that feeling? Why do we put it into a hermetically sealed box and deny ourselves that joy? Ladies, if diamond companies can tell us that the was the right to buy ourselves "right hand rings", we can damned well pull our gowns out of the closet to wear while sipping champagne on a rainy Tuesday afternoon when we call in "sick".

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Twenty Weeks until there is a *new* Mrs Bogaart in town

Well, here I am, at work. Yes, I do manage to find time to blog, even while saving lives (tonight it's mostly bum-wiping).

Pursuant to my previous blog: the dress-fitting went off very well. We have our next few dress fittings scheduled. Jane is coming up to our place on June 13-15. If anyone would like to stop by, and see the magic, they are welcome.

Let me give you a little glimpse of the magic that is Jane:
She has now lined the "dress" (it's still the pattern version - steel-grey polyester) but, as soon as I put it on, these funny rolls of fabric appeared. Not to be daunted, Jane unpinned the dress from my skin, ripped out a seemingly random seam, and Voila! Rolls are gone. Gee, maybe she should consider a career change - plastic surgery is big money these days.

It's late Saurday night now (technically Sunday morning). I am driving to Ottawa in the morning. My Danna-bear is convocating from law school on Monday. I love the name dropping ("yah, my best friend, the human rights lawyer" has a nice I am going to go cheer her on. Then, hopefully, we are going to do some work on this wedding. Having a little bit of panic over noticing that there are just 20 weeks until the Matt and Kendra Show is laid to rest. On the agenda are:
  • bouquets
  • centrepieces
  • decorations for the hall
  • jewellery
Did i mention that, before Danna went off to become a lawyer, she used to be a florist? Well, she did. I am so glad that I have such talented folks in my life. Thanks guys!

Ok. Time to go do rounds, gotta make sure they are all breathing. I know the lady in bed 10 is, she is snoring like a drunk. And the guy in 3 just rolled over and farted.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kendra's in a dress?

That's G-O-W-N to you, mister.
So, I am off to see Jane tomorrow - my private dressmaker / designer. I am very excited. Have I mentioned lately how talented Jane is? I am sure to be wowed by everything that she has done, and can do.
For those of you who don't know her, Jane is the type that is quick to point out other peoples strengths, but never sees her own. She's offered up her own, limited, spare time (she works full time - shift work at that!, owns a horse barn and lots of horses and a riding school, looks after her brood of grandkids, and takes in spare animals) to create the dress of my dreams. Every time I have asked for something to be some way on the dress, Jane has said that it could happen. She is making me a dress I could never afford to buy (even if I wasn't marrying a dutchman). It is sure to be more perfect than anything off the rack, because it will be EXACTLY what I want, and it is made with love by family.
You may ask why she is doing this for me. Well, she says it's because she can't afford a spiffy wedding gift. She is so humble. Because she can't afford a gift. Not because she is incredibly talented. Not because she loves showing off how well she can sew. But because she can't afford a monetary gift. I say, "screw the serving platter and pillow shams, I want a party dress!!!"
On our wedding day, you'll know Jane. She'll be the one in the corner (Coor's Light in hand), looking shy and embarassed by all the praise I am lavishing on her. Until, that is, someone puts on the Beatles, then she'll be twistin' and shoutin' with Ann on the dancefloor.
Words can't begin to describe how indebted I feel to her for what she is doing for me. I think that she will be spending more time on my dress then I will be spending planning the whole wedding day. I am flattered and honoured to be marrying into this family. I can't wait guys!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Survey says...

Well, Matt and I are busy trying to figure out times for the actual ceremony / reception. One large variable that we need to sort out is the amount of time needed for formal wedding photos. I've never stood up in a wedding, so I don't know how long this process will take. I'd rather not leave our guests to their own devices for 4 hours, while we shutter away. But I also don't want to feel rushed, or feel that I need to cut out some pics in order to make it to the ceremony on time. We were thinking of having some pics taken before the ceremony, but save the ones with both of us until after. Additionally, neither one of us is too interested in waking up at 7am to get ready. Sigh...what's a girl to do?
Those of you who are married, or who have hung around during photo long did this take?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Midnight Ramblings - The Wedding Edition

Well, I have been sufficiently chastized for not asking the future Mr. Weerheim what he thinks I should wear for the wedding. Perhaps he has forgotten that he doesn't know what my dress will look like . sigh.
Well, here's Catheter's beef:
My bridesmaids (including Nick) will be wearing chocolate brown velvet jackets. Totally hip and gorgeous - and the jackets won't be bad either! I have also said that I would like a matching jacket. Partially because I really love velvet jackets, and also because I think it would look neat to all have matching ones. It will, more than likely, be chilly, as it will be the end of October.
The other perk to the jacket is that I could wear it after the wedding - not so much for the gown. question is: will I look silly, being a bride, and wearing something non-white? But, really, what else will I wear when I am cold? Ski jacket? Ratty old sweat shirt? I definitely think that shrugs are unappealing and unflattering- so I won't ever wear it again. I suppose I could do a wrap - but am still unlikely to ever re-use. however - a wrap is considerably easier to sew!
Sigh. It's tough being so glamorous that everyone talks about what you wear. I guess I wil just have to display such a radiant smile, that you all don't notice the oldflannel jacket over my Gown.