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Smart, successful, has a large cranium and knows how to have fun.

History: Met through mutual friends when I was writing my final year feature story, looking like a bum. Got drunk together a LOT, fell in love, bought a timeshare together (St. Maartin), lived together, broke up. Caused each other some pain. Got over it. He bought a condo in the same building as me, so he wouldn't be too far away. ;) To his obvious chagrin, I went to Australia only to come back and live in a far-flung corner of Toronto. But we still meet up for our birthdays.

Taught me to work hard for everything. Inspired my internal locus of control and belief that I deserve good things. He taught me how to enjoy the good things in life: good food, vacations and well-made clothes.

Believes that he's a bad person. Is much more emotional than he or anyone gives him credit for. I was honoured to be a friend he shared things with. One of the chosen few.

Following a brief panic after being diagnosed with diabetes, his life seems to be sorting itself out. Could this be happiness? I suspect he has found "the one". Seems to be learning that money isn't everything. And that love is important.

Favourite Moment: First kiss, on the shoulder @ The Pheonix. I melted.

Sad part: When I asked him to kiss me the first time, he said "no". And late-night steam rolls.

If you have a new boyfriend to recommend to me, by all means, email me about them.




Other photos:
Heather, Tony and me, in Vancouver, 2000