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We met on the Red Earth Safari from Perth to Exmouth, WA, Aus, in the last month of my year-long working holiday.

I had been sick in Perth and by the time I got on the bus, I was almost bursting with the need to talk to people. He seemed to think the loud-mouthed "American" (for so he thought me at first - shocking!) was intriguing. We talked. And talked. And never stopped talking.

Jan is a little younger... OK, something like 9 years younger. But he's smart and fun and mature and cute and tall and has amazing skin. He also has very cool hair, which I can take partial credit for.

Jan is pretty great and a big reason why I didn't want to leave Australia.

You can read about the Red Earth tour and our road trip on my blog. I'm working on getting those photos up.

Update 2005

I guess I couldn't live without seeing him for another year, so I got my ass to Holland for a visit in June 2005. I met his amazing family, rode on the back of his bicycle through Haarlem and visited Zaanse Schans. More photos coming soon.

Favourite Moments: The Potshot railing, Cape Leeuwin.

Sad part: 9 years younger.

If you have a new boyfriend to recommend to me, by all means, email me about them.



jan, Western Australia, 2004

Other photos:
Jan, me in his Oranje hat
Jan and I, wine tour